week of August 19-23

 Please remember to check the green folder coming home daily- if they didn't lose a ticket you wil se a stamp or a sticker. If they lost a ticket students will be responsible for informing you why they lost a ticket.  Please don't let them tell you, "I don't remember why I lost a ticket"  I promise they have discussed it with me in great detail.  Please return the form the next school day.  Please don't spend a lot of time reprimanding your child for tickets 1-3.  It's a time of learning and understanding what is appropriate.  If they lose 4 or 5, you will want to have a more lengthy discussion with your child.  I try and put a pic of the form in Seesaw when they are coming home.  Sometimes, there is just not time for me to do it.  This is why is is very important to develop that daily routine of checking folders and returning them back into their book bag for them to bring back to school.