• Friday, March 13th 

    Click the link to read next week's newsletter: March 16-20 Thank you for taking the time to read it.

    Please practice proper handwashing at home. Also, our administration has asked for us to ensure the children are keeping their hands out of their mouth and off their face. In the classroom, I'm noticing the children chewing on items such as jackets, shirts, lunchboxes, headphone cords, fingernails, etc. Thank you for encouraging your child to keep their hands off their face and out of their mouths at home too so we can make this a healthy habit. 

    PTA would like the students to vote on which movie they would like shown at the next Family Movie Night. Help your child vote using this link: https://forms.gle/Tq2UzgaQ8Gh2HbMt9

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  • Monday, March 9th

    You probably noticed that we had two dates on the newsletter for when Report Cards are going home. Just to clarify, Report Cards will go home in the Report of Learning Folders on March 16th.  Everything that was written in the Important Information box was correct except for the date. 

    A few friendly reminders:

    • Look at your child’s behavior calendar each day and empty all papers from the folder daily.  Important papers can easily be overlooked when the folder is full.
    • Continue to practice sight words, CVC words, and math facts daily.  This does not have to be for a long period of time.  Just a few minutes on each skill is all that is needed. The students should become automatic with each skill with consistent practice.
    • Please remember to send practice folders tomorrow.
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  • Thursday, March 5th 

    Click the link to read next week's newsletter: March 9-13.  Thank you for taking the time to stay informed. 

    Tomorrow is the last day of Read Across America week. Your child is welcome to bring a Dr. Seuss book along with their flashlight while wearing their school shirt tomorrow. Please label your child's flashlight and book with his/her name. 


    We have snack each afternoon. Please send a water bottle and one snack item. 

    As rest mats come home on Fridays, please wash them over the weekend, and return them the following Monday.

    Tennis shoes and socks are required daily, no boots or dress shoes. 

    Tomorrow is Fun Friday, please send any money in a labeled bag or envelope.  The last Friday of each month is FREE SNACK FRIDAY. That means that on March 27th, if your child doesn't miss Fun Day Friday, he/she will be able to get a free snack. You will not need to send money on this day, unless you want your child to have 2 snacks.

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  • Monday, March 2nd

    Tonight is Camp Read S’more. Please see this link for the schedule of events. I look forward to seeing you there! 

    Please see last Thursday’s post for the information regarding this week’s Read Across America activities.

    Kindergarten will be going to the Book Fair this week. Our class will be going Tuesday from 9:45-10:15. Please make sure you send all monies in a labeled envelope. There are other items in the book fair other than books. If you would like your child to purchase those items, a note needs to be sent with your consent; otherwise, books will be the only purchase your child is able to make.

    Practice folders are due tomorrow. Please remember not to write on the reading passages, as we use these from year to year. 
    Spring Pictures will be this Thursday (3/5). These pictures are optional. If you would like your child to be photographed, please send in $1.00 in a labeled envelope or Zip-Loc bag, making sure to include your child's name, the title Spring Picture Fee, and my name. If your child does not bring in the $1, they will not be able to be photographed.
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  • Friday, February 28th

    Click the link to read next week's newsletter: March 2-6. Thank you for taking the time to stay updated.

    We had a wonderful Teacher Appreciation Luncheon Wednesday. The food was delicious! Thank you to all who made food or contributed to the Teacher Appreciation Lunch. It was very enjoyable!

    We've had a great time with our science lessons this week. Yesterday, we had a Watch Dog Dad come to class to help the students make a habitat for milkweed bugs. Wednesday, we made a habitat for a fish. The students are enjoying watching him swim throughout the day. We will be making dioramas of habitats found in Alabama today. I will be adding photos to your child’s portfolio. The students always enjoy creating these!

    PTA is looking for volunteers for the Book Fair. Please see the sign-up genius if you are avaliable to help https://www.signupgenius.com/go/30E0D4BA9AE28AB9-spring1

    We are looking forward to Camp Read S'more next week. Please see last Thursday's post for the information regarding dress up days. 

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  • Monday, February 24th

    Last week we learned about American symbols. We read informational texts and looked at pictures of the Bald Eagle, American Flag, and the Statue of Liberty. Each student made their own informational booklet of the American symbols we studied and wrote two facts in their booklet that they found interesting. The students worked hard to write their facts and color the symbols in their booklet and they were proud to bring them home and show you all. I know this is something that you will hold onto and treasure! 

    This week’s phonics reader is “A Bed for Fox” and it will come home at the end of the week. Each of the phonics readers should be read aloud by the student to the parent. The children should practice reading this text until they can read it fluently. Click this link to see what to look for in folders: Phonics Reader . Please save these as they come home, so your child will have a collection of books they can read this summer.


    Tomorrow is Career Day. Students are allowed to dress up. Please look back at the post from Thursday, February 6th for examples and guidelines. Please do not send students in one-piece costumes and students must wear tennis shoes.

    Please send Practice folders tomorrow.


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  • Thursday, February 20th 

    Please read next week's newsletter: February 24-28. There are several events coming up in the next few weeks. Please read the newsletter so you don't miss out on the fun events. 

    Read Across America is March 2nd - 6th. We will celebrate reading with a fun camping theme. Each day there will be special activities. Please read this flyer with information about the daily theme/dress up days: Camp Read S'More 

    Reminders about dress up days: Students need to wear tennis shoes and no one piece costumes. (More details about Tuesday's Career Day can be found on the February 6th post or on the paper that was sent home.) 

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  • Friday, February 14th

    Click the link to read next week's newsletter: February 17-21

    Please return your red Progress Report folder, with the signed Progress Report inside. 

    Reminder: No School on Monday, February 17th.

    Practice folders are due the Tuesday we come back. Thank you for using this tool to help your child become a growing reader. 

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  • Monday, February 10th 

    Tonight is Multicultural Night at Columbia. Dinner is served at 5:30 (if you returned your form and $) and the PTA meeting begins at 6:00 in the cafeteria.  I look forward to seeing you tonight!

    We enjoyed a wonderful visit from the Tooth Fairy last Thursday! She brought water bottles for the children and they are coming home in backpacks today. I ask that these water bottles be kept at home and not sent back to school. Please have your child continue to use their current water bottle for snack. All 109 kindergarten students received the same water bottle and they would be easily mixed up. Thank you!

    The Red Report of Learning Folders will be coming home Wednesday with your child’s progress report. Please sign the report, then return the folder to school by Friday.  Please leave all reports and the Parent Guide to Kindergarten Report of Learning inside the folder. We will have Second Semester Parent Night Thursday, this meeting will answer many questions you may have about how to help your child at home and our expectations for the remainder of the year. The meeting will begin at 5:30.  Click here to read more about the meeting. 

     Valentines need to be sent to school Thursday.

    Please send Practice Folders tomorrow. Thank you! 

    Friday is 1/2 day. Please fill out this Google Form by Wednesday. Thank you!

    Half Day Google Form


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  • Friday, February 7th

    Click the link to read next week's newsletter: February 10-14 Thank you for reading the newsletter!

    Please wear a long sleeve shirt underneath your class shirt on Friday.

    A Google form will be sent home on Friday, and we will need you to complete the form by Tuesday, February 11th. 

    The students are able to purchase candy grams in the cafeteria through Wednesday. 

    Continue working on Valentine cards and send them to school on Thursday.

    CES Career day is February 25th. There is a flyer in folders today. Students will need to follow the dress code and their outfits need to be real-world careers (i.e., no super heroes, halloween costumes, or fantasy costumes). Students also cannot bring items such as masks, weapons (police officer, soldier, etc.) or other items that would be deemed a threat to the school and against school policy.

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  • Monday, February 3rd

    Multicultural Night is next Monday at 6:00. Please return the form that was sent home last week. We will do the drawing on Wednesday to see which students from Kindergarten will participate in the Parade of Continents.  Thank you! PTA is sending home order forms for dinner. The order forms are in folders today. 

    Send your child's Practice Folder to school tomorrow. The goal for these folders is that your child is reading the Word List, CVC words and passages at least 3 days each week. The time your child spends reading will only help him/her to become a better reader!

    Friendly Reminders ~

    Our Field Trip to see CES Drama Club's production of Lion King Jr. is Friday. As you read on the newsletter, the students need to wear their class shirts. We won't bring jackets with us to Bob Jones, so have your child wear a long sleeve shirt underneath the class shirt. If you are a new student and do not have a field trip t-shirt, you can purchase a kelly green color shirt from Hobby Lobby for around $5 OR you can wear a green shirt you already own. I'm looking forward to seeing a wonderful show! 

    Second Semester Parent Night is Thursday, February 13th at 5:30. Click here to read more about the meeting. We would love to have one parent from each family represented at the meeting. Thank you!

    Valentine cards need to be sent to school on February 13th. If you have any stickers you would like to send in to decorate the Valentine bags, you can send those in at any time. 

    Keep recording your time spent reading on your Six Flags Reading Log. You'll reach the 6 hours before you know it!

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  • Friday, January 31st

    There is a new newsletter posted. Please take the time to read for important information. 

    Here is a sheet to help you record your progress with the February Challenge: February Challenge Recording Sheet

    Just a heads up and a little reminder regarding sickness- I wanted you to know we've had several confirmed cases of the flu in Kindergarten this week. It is always a good idea to wipe backpacks and lunchboxes with Clorox wipes daily. Another great suggestion is to wash your child's coat weekly. Attendance is very important, but please do not send your child to school if they are not feeling well. Students should be fever free without the use of medication for 24 hours and vomit and diarrhea free for 24 hours before returning to school. As much as we love everyone being at school, we do not want to spread germs. I have been disinfecting the room; we want to do all we can to prevent illness. As a class, I went over reminders for keeping hands out of our noses, eyes, and mouth, covering with our elbow when we cough or sneeze as well as, good handwashing. If you would like to reiterate this at home, that would be great! 

    Keep working on the cards for the Valentine Exchange. These need to be sent to school on February 13th. 

    Keep reading to help your child earn the free ticket to Six Flags. Feel free to let me know of any questions. 

    Please continue practicing sight words with your child. As we intoroduce new words, it's a great idea to still practice all of the words at home so they will know all 50 by the end of the year.  

    Here is information about a class being offered at Central Office: Loving Solutions Flyer and Overview

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  • Tuesday, January 28th 

    If you have limited your child's technology this month and increased time spent reading books and/or playing board games, please send a note in the daily folder on Friday, January 31st. 

    2nd Semester Parent Night is Thursday, February 13th at 5:30. Click here to read more about the meeting. 

    In our phonics instruction this week, we are learning about the letter Kk. When we hear a final /k/ after a short vowel, it is spelled ck.  

    If you have not sent in your field trip permission form with $1 for the bus, please do so ASAP. 


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  • Friday, January 24th

    A new newsletter is posted on my site; please take the time to read it for important information.

    Please mark your calendars for 2nd Semester Parent Night on February 13th at 5:30. This meeting is for parents only. 

    I hope your reading for the Six Flags reading log is going well. If you're reading 20 minutes a night, you'll reach the goal in less than 3 weeks.

    Please review proper handwashing procedures at home. Many times the students get soap in one hand and then wash it off without ever rubbing their hands together to kill the germs. Thank you for helping your child practice proper handwashing. This is especially important during flu season. 

    The Parent Guide to Technology Resources is coming home in a child's Daily Folder today. Please do not remove this paper from your child's folder. This is for you to keep as a reference. MCS Network Portal is your child's login and password to access technology at school. It is important for them to know this login and password. Renplace Home Connect will allow parents to view your child's AR bookshelf and to sign-up to receive an email when your child takes an AR quiz. Successmaker is the online educational program that the district purchased for all students to use. The school district is expecting all students to complete 3 reading and 3 math sessions per week in Succesmaker. The students complete 2 reading sessions and 2 math sessions per week at school. Please allow your child to login to Successmaker to do one session of each at home. Let me know if you have questions. 

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  • Thursday, January 16th 

    Reminder that 100 Special Snack items are due tomorrow. Over the weekend, I will be purchasing any items that have not been sent in to ensure we have everything we need for our wonderful treat. Reminder that the children are encouraged to dress as 100 year olds on Wednesday, January 22nd. I am looking forward to teaching a class full of 100 year olds! 

    There is a new newsletter. Please click the "Newsletter" page to view. If you are viewing this on a mobile device, click the + next to my name and a list will appear. 

    Please remember there is no school on Monday, January 20th. 

    Thank you for taking the time to read the posts and newsletter each week. 

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  • Tuesday, January 14th 

    There is a note coming home in your child's folder today about our class Valentine exchange. I want to encourage you to start early. The students are supposed to write their classmates' names and their own name on the Valentines. If you start soon, you can do a few each night and have them done in no time!

    The 100th Day items have started coming in; reminder they are due this Friday. 

    Donuts with Dad is Friday, January 24th from 7:05-7:35 in the Media Center. If you are new to Columbia, this is a fun and popular event. You will want to arrive early and expect to wait in a line. Your child will enjoy this special time with you. The RSVP form is coming home tomorrow and is due Friday, January 17th, so Columbia's head Watch Dog Dad can order enough donuts. 

    Practice Folders: A new CVC word sheet comes home every other week. Your child will not have a new CVC sheet tomorrow, please continue to read the CVC sheet from last week.

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