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MCS Salutes Its Military Families

Each year, April is designated as the Month of the Military Child. In Madison City Schools, more than 20 percent of its students come from military connected families.

A special day, “Purple-Up Day,” is set aside in communities worldwide to honor the sacrifices made by military families.  Purple is the official color of the military child.  Combining Air Force-blue, Army-green, Navy-blue, Marine-red, and Coast Guard-blue, the color purple forms.

This year as we abide by our “stay at home” order due to the COVID-19 crisis, Madison City Schools district and school staff send a virtual “thank you” to our military-connected students by creating a picture collage reading:

We love our military-connected students! Celebrating April as the Month of the Military Child. Thank you for your service!  #purpleup4militarykids  #mcslearn

Montage of 24 teachers holding words up to spell a thank you to our military families  
Teacher holding purple balloons

teacher holding flag and thank you sign to military families

students spread across on floor writing thank you letters to military families

students fanned out at tables writing thank you letters to military families

Montage of 6 pics of students in pairs promoting purple up for military kids campaign

Principal Shannon Brown at Liberty Middle in purple shirt holding sign thanking military

student in framed sign thanking military families

Closeup of a letter thanking military for their service and willing to move around frequently to protect us