• Here is next week's newsletter January 24-28 . Thank you for taking the time to read the newsletter each week. 

    2nd Semester Parent Night will be next Thursday, January 27th, at 5:30pm. See the invitation here: 2nd Semester Parent Night Flyer

    I hope you are enjoying listening to your child read everything in the Green Practice Folder. Please remember to return folders on Monday. 

    Please see the following messages from PTA: 
    #1 CES Families,
    The annual Valentines Gram sale has begun! This year we have chosen a zipper fidget bracelet that the kids are sure to love! You can purchase individual bracelets, or enough for the whole class. Sales are online only. We will not be in the cafeteria this year. Preorders end on February 2nd, and bracelets will be delivered to classes on February 14th.
    #2 CES Families,
    January 25th is Totally Tuesday! The theme this month is "Silly Socks". How does it work? Wear your silliest socks and send in at least $1 in an envelope with your teacher's name on it and the class that raises the most will win an extra recess!
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  • Thank you for sending the Practice Folder yesterday. I sent home new passages and Practice Sheet #14 in the folder. Thank you for the time you spend listening to your child read. Send the Practice Folder to school each Monday.

    Your child's chromebook is in his/her backpack today. We were told to send them home, but we do not have any other information at this time. The chromebook is fully charged. Please do not allow your child work on the chromebook until we hear the plan because we need to save the battery just in case they need to participate in live lessons and watch recorded lesson videos. When students return to school, they need to bring their chromebook in their backpack.

    Remember the 100th Day of School is January 25th. A note went home in folders last week. 

    Valentine's Day is a month away! There was a pink note in your child's Daily Folder last week with directions for the Valentine Exchange Home Project. By starting early, your child can write one valentine card per day and never have hand cramps. :)  I made this flyer with pictures to help answer questions that we receive each year: More Information about Valentine's Day 

    As your family works on writing valentine's, please have your child do the writing, not mom or dad. When your child has finished writing the names on the cards, please let your child practice reading the names. Your child will need to be able to read the name in order to drop the valentine in the correct bag. We sent this home early so the children have plenty of time to work on this project.

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  • Here is next week’s newsletter: January 17-21  Thank you for taking the time to read the newsletter each week. 


    1. No School on Monday, January 17th  in honor of Martin Luther King Jr. Day. 
    2. Report Cards came home on Tuesday. If you have not signed and returned your child’s report card, please do so tomorrow.
    3. Green Folders must be returned to school every Monday for the next week's practice sheet and passages. Since we do not have school this Monday, please send it on Tuesday. When your child is absent on a Monday, the Practice Folder should be returned the day that your child returns to school.
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  • Thank you for all you did to help your child with virtual learning. I appreciate your support! 

    Click this link to read this week's newsletter: January 10-14 Our plan is to finish last week's instruction on Monday, and then we'll be ready to begin everything described on the newsletter on Tuesday. I appreciate you taking the time to read the entire newsletter each week. If you haven't read it before, these are five components to the newsletter: upcoming events, the monthly challenge, a preview of this week's ELA and Math instruction, and Important Kindergarten Information. Be sure to check it out! 

    **Attention! Attention! Practice Folders Are Coming Home on every Monday!** The children will bring home their new Practice Folders on Monday. These are the green folders you provided at the start of school. Everything you need to know about the Practice folder is written on a note inside the folder. 

    The students enjoyed their first art class with Mrs. Murine on Monday. She is a wonderful art teacher. I know they will enjoy learning from her each week.

    I'm here if you need anything. Please reach out and I would be happy to help.

    Report of Learning Folders are coming home today with your child’s 2nd Nine weeks Report Card, Winter Assessment Scores, and Middle of the year DIBELS and iReady reports. Please read the 2nd Nine Weeks Report Card note in the front of your child’s folder. 

    Important date: Second Semester Parent Night will be Thursday, January 27th at 5:30.

    Popcorn with the Principals: I hope you can make it to school tonight to meet Mrs. Bolden and Ms. Massey. The event begins at 6:00. 

    We are now writing our first and last names on our papers. Your child will be assessed on this and is expected to be able to write their name with correct letter formation and orientation to the line. Please work on this with your child. Learning your last name, how to spell it, and writing it can be difficult and can take longer to master.

    From the front office: Our attendance secretary is currently out of the office due to sickness. All attendance discrepancies will be corrected once she returns. Thank you for your understanding and patience!

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  • Happy New Year! I hope you and your family had a wonderful and relaxing break and enjoyed the snow! 

    Here is this week's newsletter: January 3rd-7th  Please take time to read the newsletter. Thank you!

    The 3rd Nine Weeks of school is packed full of essential learning in Kindergarten. If your child is healthy, it is important for him/her to be at school on time each day ready to learn. If there is anything you need from me in order to make that happen, please reach out. I am here to help. 

    Help your child select one picture from Christmas Break that he/she would like to share with the class. Help your child decide what they would like to say to the class about the picture. Email the picture to me before 7:30 tomorrow (Tuesday) morning. Thank you!

    I look forward to seeing your child tomorrow. Your child will need: a water bottle, one snack, a mask, their rest mat, and extra masks in a bag in their backpack. Thank you! 

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  • Wow! We had a great day today! Our theme last week was Gingerbread. The kids have loved reading all the different Gingerbread stories, discussing the characters, refrain and ending to the stories. Today we planned to have a special Gingerbread Man snack. However, when it was time to eat our cookies the Gingerbread Man had taken them. We went on a hunt throughout the school following his clues until we finally found them! The kids had a great time and the cookies were delicious!

    Practice sheet #11 was due today. If you did not send it in your child's folder today, please sent it tomorrow. Thank you! 

    Reminder Thursday and Friday are half days for students and we will dismiss at 11:00. If you have not already, please fill out the Google Form with your child's transportation and lunch information. I need this information as soon as possible. 

    Please see the information from CES PTA:

    Dear CES Families,
    Monday December 13th
    Tomorrow is Totally Tuesday! The theme is Pajama Day. Totally Tuesday is a CES PTA Fundraiser. How does it work? On December 14th, dress up and send in at least $1 in an envelope with your teacher's name and "Totally Tuesday" on it, and the class that raises the most will win an extra recess! The count starts over in January with a new chance to win!
    **We are asking the school community to help us make December's Totally Tuesday the best one yet! This Totally Tuesday, the total cash donations will be evenly distributed to Columbia's custodians, cafeteria workers, and our plant manager. These are special people who work diligently to keep our buildings clean and functional, and our students and staff safe and healthy.**
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  • Friday December 10th

    Here is next week's newsletter: December 13 -17 

    Please complete this Google Form about the two half days by Monday morning. I need one form filled out for every student. Thank you!

    Keep reviewing the Fry sight words that were on Tuesday's post and sent home in the folder on Wednesday. Flashcards are a great way to practice sight words. I will assess each child on their Fry sight words on Monday. 

    We're looking forward to a very busy and fun week next week! Have a wonderful weekend! 

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  • Tuesday December 7th 


    Our next PTA meeting is Monday December 13th. There was a preorder your pizza meal deal form sent home in your child’s folder for this event. This meeting will also include a farewell to Mr. Hill and Mrs. Minor. 


    Our next Totally Tuesday is on December 14th. The theme is pajamas! This Totally Tuesday the cash donations will be split evenly between the custodians, cafeteria staff, and our plant manager. They work so hard at school to prepare meals and keep the building clean. Please send this donation in an envelope with your child’s name, teacher’s name, and Totally Tuesday written on the outside. The class that raises the most money will win an extra recess! 

    2nd Nine Week Assessments have started. We will assess sight words on Monday December 13th. I wanted to share the list of words that we have taught thus far in kindergarten and the breakdown of the 1, 2, 3, and 4 on the report card. Please see the attached file. We will also send home a hard copy of this later in the week. 


    Kindergarten Sight Words December 2021

    Winter came back this week!  I wanted to give out a few reminders about jackets-

    1. We go outside for recess as long as the “feels like” temperature is above 32 degrees. Please pay attention to the weather and send an appropriate jacket.
    2. Keep working with your child on zipping his/her jacket until it is mastered. Thank you! Many of them have it down pat now which is very helpful as we transition to and from recess.
    3. If you send gloves, hats, or scarfs we keep those items in pockets or sleeves while the jackets are zipped to their chairs in the classroom. This makes our transition to recess easier than everyone going to the closet to dig for those extra items. 
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  • Here is next week’s newsletter: December 6-10. Thank you for taking a moment to read the newsletter each week and stay informed. 

    We will have Fun Friday tomorrow. If you are sending in a dollar, please send itin a labeled envelope or ziploc bag. 

    I am proud of the students and their hard work today on the DIBELS assessments. We will take the iReady math and reading assessments beginning Monday. We also will begin assessments for the Second Nine Weeks Report Card. These assessments are completed one on one and take quite a bit of time. If your child has a planned absence between now and the end of the semester, please let me know so I can adjust my assessment plan. Thank you for supporting classroom learning at home! Your time makes a difference! 


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  • I hope everyone had a restful break and wonderful Thanksgiving!  Thank you to all who returned Practice Sheet #9 today. Practice Sheet #10 is coming home in your child's folder today. Please remember to spend a little time each day on the Practice Sheet. The daily practice of reading the blending words makes a world of difference.

    As Winter is approaching,  I wanted to give out a few reminders about jackets-

    1. We go outside for recess as long as the “feels like” temperature is above 32 degrees. Please pay attention to the weather and send an appropriate jacket.
    2. Keep working with your child on zipping his/her jacket until it is mastered. Thank you! Many of them have it down pat now which is very helpful as we transition to and from recess.

    As you already read in the newsletter, the students will take the Winter Benchmark DIBELS Assessment on Thursday. They will take 4 subtests:

    1. Letter Naming Fluency - They work on this with you each week on the practice sheet (the top box).
    2. Phoneme Segmentation Fluency - This has been on practice sheet since October (the bottom right box).
    3. Nonsense Word Fluency (Correct Letter Sounds and Words Recoded Correctly) - Listen to your child read real CVC words to practice for this subtest. Here is a sheet to use as a practice. They should push the sounds together to read the word, or just read the word.
    4. Word Reading Fluency - This assesses their ability to read sight words. Thank you for continuing to practice the Fry sight words.

    I look forward to seeing how they do on these assessments. The students will have a substitute on Thursday because I will be administering the DIBELS test to two of the other Kindergarten classes. 

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  • Here is our next newsletter: November 29th-December 3rd.  Please notice the December challenge!  This challenge is important because we will have many assessments during the month of December. Please read the important information at the bottom of the newsletter. 

    Today we finished our unit on sorting. We are learned how to 1) sort by attributes, 2) count the amount in each group, 3) sort the groups by amount. We practiced these skills using M &M’s and Skittles! If you have more of the Fun Size M&Ms and Skittles at home, let your child show you how to do the 3-step sort. The children should be able to do our 3 step sort for multiple attributes of the same group of objects. 

    Yesterday, I sent home a packet of letter naming practice sheets and cvc word sheets. Reading cvc words and practicing letter naming will help your child on two of the subtests on the Winter Dibels test. The other two subtests involve reading sight words and sounding out words. You can say the words aloud from the cvc papers and have your child practice sounding out those words. 

    Thank you for all of the kind notes, treats, and gifts this week!! I can't express what these acts of kindness meant to me. I truly appreciate your thoughtfulness! 

    I hope everyone has a blessed Thanksgiving! I am thankful to know and work with every child and family this school year! Enjoy your time with your family.

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  • Thank you to all who returned Practice Sheet #8 today. Practice Sheet #9 is coming home in your child's folder today. Thank you for spending a little time each day on the Practice Sheet. 

    Progress Reports will be coming home in the Report of Learning Folders tomorrow, November 16th.  Please read over it, sign it and return it to school by Thursday, November 18th.

    Tuesday, November 16th is a Totally Tuesday Dress Up day. This is a PTA Fundraiser. Students can dress up in their favorite sports team gear and send in $1 in an envelope with your teacher’s name on it. The class that raises the most will win an extra recess! 

    There is a PTA meeting tonight at 6:00 p.m.  You will be able to visit the Wall of Honor - a Veteran's Day photo exhibit. There is a CES Spirit Drive November 16th & 17th at Kendra Scott. This is a great opportunity to buy nice gifts for the Holiday Season. 20% of the proceeds will go to our school.   Please see the flyer here for more information.

    Here is this week’s newsletter: November 15-19. Thank you for taking a moment to read the newsletter each week and stay informed. 

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  • Here is next week's newsletter: November 8-12 

    Our 2nd annual Drive Thru Veteran's Day Parade is on Wednesday at 9:00-9:30. Have your child wear red, white, and blue. You are welcome to make a sign for your child to hold during the parade. Please send it on Wednesday morning. We'd love to see any veterans from your family drive thru our parade. My class has Spanish class on Wednesday from 8:40-9:10, so we won't be able to get out to the parade until after Spanish. If you are coming, please wait until 9:15 to drive through the parade so your child will be able to see you. Let me know if we should expect to see you. 

    Reminder - No School on Thursday, November 11th in honor of Veteran's Day.

    Please label your child's jacket with their first and last name. If the jacket is labeled, it will be easier to find it in the lost and found and return it to you. 

    If you haven't taken 2 minutes to watch this helpful video yet, please do so. Thank you! Click here to watch. 

    Thank you to all who returned Practice Sheet #7 today. Practice Sheet #8 is coming home in your child's folder today. Thank you for spending a little time each day on the Practice Sheet. I would like the students to read the sentences aloud to an adult at least 3 days during the week.

    I am finishing up Progress Report assessments in class this week so that I can write the progress reports this weekend. Progress Reports will go home next Tuesday.

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  • Please remember to send the Practice Sheet to school each Monday. Practice #7 is in your child’s folder yesterday. Mrs. Hester made a quick video about two new boxes on the Practice Sheet. The video is meant to be helpful, but it can only help your child if you watch it: Please click here to watch the video

    We will have our Veteran's Day Parade on Wednesday, November 10th at 9:00. If you are a veteran, we would love for you to drive through the parade. Please have your child wear red, white, and blue. They are welcome to make a sign to wave during the parade.

    CES Yearbooks are on sale now through December 15th. They cost $35. You can order online or by using the order form.

    Please complete the School of Excellence Survey Questionnaire and return it in your child's folder by Friday. 


    Please teach your child how to zip their jacket, and allow them to practice daily until they can do it independently. 

    Please keep a bag with 2 clean masks in your child's backpack. 

    We have an upcoming math unit with sorting. We are in need of fun size M&M's or skittles. If you are able to purchase some for our class please let me know. 


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  • I have collected Practice Sheet #5 today and have sent home Practice Sheet #6.  If you didn’t send in your child’s Practice Sheet, please send it tomorrow in their blue Daily Folder.  I will be listening to your child read the words from the Word List tomorrow. This week we will review content taught thus far in reading. We will review the letters Mm, Aa, Ss, Pp, and Tt. We will also review reading skills that have been acquired.

    This week we will be exploring balls.  If you did not send in a ball today, please send it tomorrow.  We will be discovering the different ways our balls move. 

    Red Ribbon Week is this week: Please refer to the October 21st post, on our class Remind App, or our schools’ social media platforms for the dress up days. Wednesday, October 27th, is also Down Syndrome Awareness. Your child can wear yellow and blue. 

    Reminders: Tonight is Trail of Treats from 6-7 following the PTA meeting at 5, thank you so much those that have sent in bags of candy for PTA!

    The Book Fair will be open all this week. It will be open from 7:45-8:15 daily and will close on Friday, October 29th at 11:00 a.m.  In addition, if you wish to come and shop with your child the Book Fair will be open during the Trail of Treats tonight from 5:00-7:30 p.m.  Our class will visit the book fair on Tuesday.  If you would like for your child to purchase books you can send money in a marked envelope or Ziplock bag inside your child’s daily folder throughout the week. 

    The half day google form is due tomorrow. It is imperative that you fill out this information so that we can get your child home properly.

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    • I am very sorry, there was a mistake in the post yesterday with dress up days. I fixed it below and added the attachment from PTA. Please see the link for Red Ribbon Dress Up Days: Red Ribbon Week

      Also, as the weather is changing and children are wearing jackets to school, I have a request that will really help us in class. Please have your child practice zipping/buttoning their jacket until they can do this independently. The students zip or button their jacket four times a day (to their chair every morning when we arrive, to themselves when we go out for recess, back to their chair after recess and back on at the end of the day). You can see it is important for students to be able to complete this life skill independently. Thank you for your support at home!

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  • Here is next week’s newsletter: October 25-29.  Thank you for taking the time to read the newsletter each week. We will begin our Science unit on Balls and Ramps on Monday. Please read the important information on the newsletter linked above pertaining to this Science unit.  I also hope that you and your child are enjoying spending time together as you do the October Challenge that you will find at the upper right-hand corner of our newsletter.

    The next PTA meeting is Monday, October 25th at 5:30.  The Trail of Treats will be following the PTA meeting at 6:00. We are still in need of candy for this fun event!  Each family that is participating needs to send an unopened bag of candy to be distributed that evening.

    The Book Fair will be open this coming Monday, October 25th. It will be open from 7:45-2:15 daily and will close on Friday, October 29th at 11:00 a.m.  In addition, if you wish to come and shop with your child the Book Fair will be open during the Trail of Treats on Monday night from 5:00-7:30 p.m.  Our class is scheduled to visit the Book Fair on Monday. If you would like for your child to purchase books you can send money in a marked envelope or Ziplock bag inside your child’s daily folder. 

    October 25th-29th is also our Red Ribbon Week.  The following are dress up days for this week: Monday - wear red to “Stand up to drugs” Tuesday- wear PJ’s to “follow your dreams not drugs”  Wednesday- wear yellow to show “we’re too bright for drugs” Thursday- wear cow print to “moove away from drugs” Friday- wear Astro Spirit wear to “team up against drugs”.

    Mr. Hill recently sent an email reminding parents that students need to wear a mask to school daily.  We also need you to keep extra masks in your child’s backpack so that they can change masks as needed during the school day. Please remind your child to keep up with their mask during the day.  We have a very limited supply of replacement masks at school. 

    We had a wonderful teacher appreciation lunch yesterday provided by PTA.  If you contributed to this luncheon, thank you so much!  We all enjoyed this delicious meal!

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  • Monday, October 18th

    Wow! What an awesome Field Trip we had to Gullion Farms! The children really enjoyed petting the animals, picking a pumpkin, the hay maze, corn crib, gathering eggs, the pony ride, the giant slide, and milking the cow!  I was very proud of the children as they were all so well behaved. We really had a great day. Thank you to our chaperones (Mrs. Smith and Mr. Shows) and to all of the parents who joined us at the farm!  Thank you to Mrs. Riddle for transporting our pumpkins and delivering them to our classroom. It wouldn’t have been successful without all of your help! 

    We have had an awesome first quarter in Kindergarten! It’s so hard to believe that nine full weeks have gone by and that we are now into our second nine weeks! I have enjoyed watching our students transition into school and our classroom and make so much progress academically.  If you haven’t already, please sign your child’s report card and send your child’s Report of Learning Folder back to school tomorrow. 

    I collected Practice Sheet #4 today.  I will be listening to your child read the words from the Word List tomorrow.  If you didn’t send in your child’s Practice Sheet, please send it tomorrow in their blue Daily Folder.

    Tonight is our Spirit Night at Taco Mama at Clift Farms from 4-9. Don’t forget to tell them that you are with CES! 

    Next Monday night will be our Trail of Treats at 6:00.  If your family is attending, please send in an unopened bag of candy. 

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  • Here is next week’s newsletter: October 18-22. Please take a few minutes to read the newsletter each week. Please be sure to check out the Important Information box on the bottom of the newsletter, it contains information about our field trip for Monday. We are looking forward to a wonderful trip to the farm!

    Report Cards: Report of Learning Folders are coming home today with your child’s 1st Nine weeks Report Card and Beginning of the year DIBELS and iReady reports. As discussed at Parent Night our grading scale is 4, 3, 2, 1. Your child will not receive a 4 until 1) The standard has been taught to the full depth of the Kindergarten expectations and 2) Your child has shown consistent mastery of the standard. At this time of the year, 2s and 3s are extremely common.

    I need a parent signature on your child's Report Card. There is not a signature line, so please sign on the front page in the box with your child's name.

    Another thing we discussed at Parent Night was that kindergarten teachers system wide have a rubric to follow when assigning a 4, 3, 2 or 1 for a standard. The rubric for sight words changes each nine weeks based on how many sight words have been taught during class instruction up to that point. The expectation for a 3 for the first nine weeks was very attainable since our sight word instruction had just begun. The first nine weeks sight word breakdown is as follows: 

    1 = 0-2 words 

    2 = 3-5 words 

    3 = 6-49 words 

    4 = All 50 words accurately and automatically

    Class shirt update: We received the class shirts this week. If you ordered a parent shirt, I am sending it home today in your child’s backpack. Student shirts will remain at school until Monday morning and I will have your child put the class shirt over the long sleeve shirt they wear to school. 

    Unfortunately, the shirt company made a mistake with the kindergarten shirts. They printed the wrong year on the shirt. The company will be reprinting all shirts to correct the mistake. However, the reprinted shirts will not be ready until after the field trip. We will wear the shirts with the incorrect year on the trip but will have new ones coming soon.  As soon as I receive the corrected shirts, I will send them home. Thank you for your understanding. 

    Additional field trip information:

    1. Students will be required to wear their mask while on the bus to the farm and on the bus returning from the farm. I need you to send your child to school in a cloth mask and attached to a lanyard. The paper masks often break while we are outside during recess. 

    2. Students are not allowed to check in late at the field trip nor are they allowed to check out from the field trip. All students must ride to the farm with their class and return on the bus with their class. Please make sure to arrive at school on time Monday morning. Our buses will load and leave campus by 8:00. 

    3. If you signed up to attend the field trip, you are on the approved chaperone list. You will need to come to Columbia to sign in and receive a visitor badge to wear on the field trip. You will not be allowed to be on the field trip with us without the visitor badge. You will need to get your visitor badge between 7:45-8:00 from the front office. If you arrive before 7:45, you will need to wait outside. If there is a long line in the office, please wait for people to exit before entering. Remember, anyone entering the school building is required to wear a mask.  

    Practice Sheet: I hope you have enjoyed listening to your child read the words from the Word List portion of the Practice Sheet this week. The kids are really excited when we are reading these words in class! Taking a few minutes each night to allow your child to practice reading will greatly benefit your child. We become better readers by reading! :) Please remember to send Practice Sheet #4 in your child's folder on Monday.

    Please see the flyer for Taco Mama Spirit Night Monday, October 18th: Taco Mama Spirit Night Columbia will receive 10% of your purchase subtotal! 

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  • It was nice to be back at school today. It sounds like everyone had a fun Fall Break!

    Please watch this quick video about this week's Practice Sheet: Video about Word List

    Please click the link to read next week's newsletter: October 11-15 Thank you for reading all of the information thoroughly.  There are several upcoming events that you'll want to add to your calendar. Also, you'll want to check out the new challenge for October.

    October 12 is Totally Tuesday. Send $1.00 or more to the PTA and your child can participate in the Book Character Day. The class that raises the most money earns an extra recess!! Read the guidelines here: Book Character Day

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  • Field Trip forms were in folders on Monday.  The forms and payment are due on Thursday, September 30th. Please read all three forms in your child’s packet. Thank you!

    Community Helpers Sharing- We are learning about community helpers this week. We will share about our parents being community helpers this week. If you have not done so already, I need at least one parent from each family to email me with the following information:

    1. A picture of you at work or working from home.
    2. A sentence about how your job helps others.

    Practice Sheet #3 was sent home on Monday. If you forgot to send Practice #2, please send it in your child's folder tomorrow. Thanks!

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  • Here is next week’s newsletter: September 27- October 1.

    The last Friday of every month is FREE snack day! Students who have not lost a Fun Friday during the month of September will receive one free snack. Prepaid cards are not accepted on the free days, and the cost of prepaid cards accounts for the free day that is built into each month. Families can send in cash for their students to purchase additional snacks. Fun Friday Free Snack

    Heads up: our field trip information and paperwork will be coming home in folders Monday. There will be a quick turn around to return everything before Fall Break.  The cost will be $20.00, this covers student admissions to the farm, a pumpkin for each student, and transportation. Forms and payment will be due September 30th.

    Next week is the last week of the first quarter. I am continuing to collect data and complete one on one assessments with the students for their first nine weeks report card throughout next week. If you know in advance that your child will be out of school for any day next week, please let me know so that I may adjust my assessment schedule to ensure your child’s first nine weeks assessments are completed. 

    We are rocking and rolling with our Boosterthon Fun Run! Thank you for your support securing pledges and/or flat donations. Currently our class has raised $36 per lap of $80.00 per lap goal. Keep up the good work, let’s reach our goal!

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  • Today kicks off our Boosterthon Fun Run! We are super excited to raise money for our school! We have a school wide goal of raising $30,000 with a specific goal for the funds to be used for much needed playground updates.  We appreciate your support and dedication to our school! 

    Thank you to all who returned Practice Sheet #1 today. If you forgot to return it today, please send it in your child’s Daily Folder tomorrow. Practice Sheet #2 is coming home in folders today. I wanted to share a close-up of the Sight Word Practice Box because it did not copy well: Sight Word Practice Box

    You will also see your child’s work from last week’s Literacy Stations coming home in folders today. The students did well last week with our first week of Literacy Stations. Literacy Stations is an important time in our day for students to complete group/partner work reinforcing our reading skills, while I teach differentiated small group lessons.  I look forward to seeing the students grow with independence, cooperatively working with others and producing quality work while working in stations. 

    Picture Proofs came home in Daily Folders today.  If you wish to place an order, the due date is September 29th.  Picture Make-up Day is scheduled for September 30th.  If you would like for your child to retake pictures on make-up day, you will need to send a note to school in their daily folder on September 30th. On picture make-up day, I will only send the students who were absent on picture day and those with a note from parents requesting to retake their picture.  

    Reminder to email Community Helper assignment by Wednesday, September 23rd . The post from September 10th includes the details for this assignment. We are looking forward to learning about our Parents and their roles as Community Helpers. 

    A few helpful reminders:

    If you want your child to wear a mask a school, please keep a few extras in your child's book bag. I only have a few extras left in the classroom to give out.

    Please send water in a refillable water bottle every day. I do not have extra water bottles in the classroom. There are some in the building, but it takes some time to locate the extras. Also, those are difficult to refill and they spill easily.

    Please send rest mats every Monday morning. The front office staff is not always able to deliver items during the school day. 

    Please send lunch boxes with your child in the morning. I have to send a lunch count every morning so when lunches are brought to school late the count gets off. 

    We are in need of some more band-aids in the classroom. If you can send some in with your child that would be a great help :)

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  • Please take a minute to read next week’s newsletter: September 20-24

    Please sign your child's progress report and return it in the red Report of Learning folder tomorrow.

    If you are trying to login to your child’s Beanstack account, it would be helpful if you had their email address! Here is the pattern for email addresses: first name, middle initial, last initial followed by @madisoncity.k12.al.us Thank you for logging into Beanstack and scanning the books you read at home. Click this link for more information: Beanstack.

    Tomorrow is Fun Friday. Send a dollar in a labeled envelope if you would like your child to purchase a snack at Fun Friday. 

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  • Our first Practice Sheet is coming home in folder's today. As you read on the newsletter, please don't do it all at once - a little each day will benefit your child. This is a picture of what to look for in the folder: Picture of Practice Sheet

    Today, we began our first week of our Wonders Reading Series. We are focusing on the letter Mm this week. Our first phonics worksheet will be in folders tomorrow. Review the sheets with your child. If you see a lowercase m written in crayon next to your child's m in pencil, I did this to show your child the correct way to write a lowercase m. When you see this on the paper, it is always a good idea to give your child more time to practice. 

    The students were so excited about our first day of Literacy Stations. It went well for the first day!

    If your child loses a ticket at school, please remember to initial the behavior calendar. Thank you!

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  • Here’s next week’s newsletter: September 13-17

    We will be studying Community Helpers later in September. I need each parent to email me by September 23, 2021 with two things: 

    1. A picture of you at work or working from home.
    2. A sentence about how your job helps others. 

    I will share your picture and read your sentence to the class during Community Helper Week. 

    Here is the flyer for Beanstack. We are super excited about Beanstack and being able to log our books and minutes spent reading. Please help your child record the books you read at home. You can add the app to your phone to make recording the books easy. Please read the flyer for more details. 

    You should have received an email from Columbia on Thursday regarding the Required Forms for Participation. If you have not already done so, please fill out each form for your students at Columbia. 

    Media Center Permission Form

    Permission to Publish Form

    Physical Education Participation

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  • Tuesday September 7, 2021

    We made it all the way to the letter Z last Friday for our Letter Experts! We enjoyed celebrating all the Letter Experts with a dance party and fun alphabet songs! I am very proud of all the students and their hard work as the Letter Expert! Thank you to each family for working with your child on this assignment!

    We will review the letters and sounds from Letter Experts this week along with continuing sorting words/pictures based on the beginning sound. We are also working hard in class to complete our beginning of the year i-ready assessments on the computer. Those scores will be sent home with the 1st Nine Weeks Progress Report on September 15th. 

    Thursday, September 9th will be Spirit Night at Panda Express. Please see the attached flyer for details on time and ordering. 

    Friday, September 10th we will observe Patriot Day. I am looking forward to seeing everyone in their red, white, and blue! 

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  • Here is next week’s newsletter: September 6-10. Please take a few minutes to read the newsletter each week. I appreciate you doing your part to keep yourself informed about classroom learning.

    Please remember that tomorrow is a 1/2 day. We dismiss at 11:00. Rest mats were sent home today because we will not have rest time tomorrow.

    Next Friday, September 10th we will observe Patriot Day. I am looking forward to seeing everyone in their red, white, and blue! 

    Columbia Elementary School is looking for Chess Team Members. If you would like for your child to sign up, please click this link: Chess Team Sign Up

    When your child comes to school each day, please make sure your child:

    1. is wearing a mask that fits and has an extra mask inside his/her backpack.
    2. has a water bottle filled with water and ice.
    3. has a snack packed separate from lunch.
    4. has the blue Daily Folder inside his/her backpack.
    5. is wearing velcro or slip-on shoes.

    Thank you! This will help your child feel prepared and ready to have a great day at school.

    Weekend To Do List:

    1. Remove papers from the daily folder. 
    2. Let your child practice rolling up their rest mat.
    3. Send rest mats back on Tuesday.
    4. Enjoy the LONG weekend!
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  • No School tomorrow (Tuesday, August 31) due to potential of severe weather. Please stay weather aware and be safe!

    Friday is the deadline for ordering books with Scholastic.

    Dear Family,

    You can choose to have your books shipped to your home or delivered to me with our class order.

    With a $25 order, you can pick a FREE $5 Book (use code: READS).

    Class Order Due Date: 09/03/21
    Shop Our Class Page: https://orders.scholastic.com/GM8CB
    Shop Digital Flyers for Our Grade with Your Child: https://clubs.scholastic.com/kindergarten

    Please share the Class Page link to extended family and friends. All orders also earn FREE Books for our class.

    Thank you for your support!


    Class Code: GM8CB


    Friday is a half day for students, Here is the Google Form to fill out for Friday. Please have one parent fill out the form no later than tomorrow. 

    Class shirt order forms and money are due Thursday. We will wear these shirts several times this year. Please consider purchasing a class shirt.

    Reminder to send snack and a water bottle daily. Please check and empty the BLUE Daily Folder everyday. Some folders are returning to school not emptied and papers are falling all over the floor. Thank you for your support! :) 

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  • Thursday August 26th

    This week, we have focused on writing our names with the correct letter formation and orientation to the lines. We talk about how the first letter should be an uppercase letter and the rest of the letters in our name are lowercase.  You can help your child by having him/her practice writing their name at home with the correct letter formation. We are also working on using scissors correctly. We talk about how our elbow is by our side, scissors are pointing away from your belly, the thumb is up and we use a straight wrist while cutting.  We tell students scissors go open and shut while the other hand is holding firmly the paper while turning the paper. These fine motor skills are very important. By developing their fine motor control, children are able to access so many more things, and become confident and able students.  It would be very beneficial to practice these scissor skills at home as well.

    Please continue to practice rolling up rest mats when they come home tomorrow, as well as opening lunch/snack items.  We are striving to do these things independently. 

    PTA Survey: Our PTA Board would like you to complete this survey: PTA survey

    Fun Friday: If you would like your child to have a snack at Fun Friday tomorrow, please send $1.00 in a labeled envelope. Typically, the snack is free on last Friday of the month if the student has attended all of the Fun Fridays for that particular month, however in August all students had a free snack on the first Friday. So even though tomorrow August 27th is the last Friday, the students will need to have a $1.00 or a snack card in order to get a snack. All funds collected go towards our end of the year bash! 

    A glance at next week:

    Reading - identifying beginning sounds, Letter Experts for T, U, V, W, X, Y, & Z and writing names. We will also begin learning about literacy stations and the rules/procedures that we follow during that time.

    Math - count sets of objects and write numerals 6 & 7

    Upcoming dates:

    8/31 - Scholastic Book Orders are due today 

    9/2- Class T-shirt money is due. Please send the order form and money so your child can have a shirt. 

    9/3- Half day for students. Students will be dismissed at 11:00 a.m. A Google Form will be sent out soon. I will need one parent from each family to complete the form in a timely manner. It will ask about transportation changes and lunch information.

    9/6- Labor Day - No school

    9/10- Patriot Day falls on Saturday this year, so we are encouraging students to wear Red, White, and Blue on September 10th

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  • Throughout the past few weeks we have focused on getting to know each other, learning our rules and procedures, and learning the habits that will help us to be leaders.  We go over our rules each day so it helps us continue to learn procedures and we have discussed our expectations as a class.  We have made numerous posters that will serve as reminders for our expectations and goals.  We made a good listeners poster and a De-Bug poster (steps for what to do if someone is bothering you). We have sorted between green choices (good) and red choices (bad). Having structure and organization in a classroom is essential for a positive, productive learning environment. We have also discussed the importance of doing our best with all our work.  You can help by encouraging your child and giving simple directions to follow at home independently.

    Last week, our kindergarten students had a book care lesson.  We learned how to take care of the books we read.  This week we will return to the library and have a library orientation lesson. We will learn the rules of the library and how to check out books. Hopefully your child’s first school library book will come home at the end of this week! 

    DIBELS:  Kindergarten students will have their Beginning of the Year DIBELS assessments on Thursday, August 26th.   

    Class Shirt: Class shirt orders are due on Thursday, September 2nd. Our class shirts will be green. We will wear the shirts multiple times this school year, so you will definitely get your money’s worth.

    Lunchroom Food:  The lunch menu is available on Columbia’s website so you can talk to your child about what is being served daily. If you know the food options are something your child does not like, please consider sending a lunchbox.  

    School Picture Day: Picture day is Wednesday, August 25th.  These are the pictures that will be used in the yearbook. We understand that you may not want to follow our Kindergarten Color Day on Picture Day. That is perfectly fine!

    Totally Tuesdays:  Our PTA is sponsoring fun dress up days once a month on the last Tuesday of each month.  The first one is this Tuesday, August 24th.  If your child sends in $1 they can dress up.  This Tuesday’s dress is for Spirit Wear/CES colors. Our school colors are RED and BLACK.

    Power School Parent Portal: In your child’s Daily Folder today, you will find directions on how to access the Parent Portal for Power School. The main reason for parents of students in Kindergarten through 2nd grade to login to the Parent Portal is to view your child’s attendance records. The Parent Portal will be something you access frequently when your child is in 3rd -12th grade to view your child’s grades.

    Required Forms: The office emailed these forms to all CES parents today. Please complete them at your earliest convenience. Thank you for your time!

    Media Center Permission Form

    Permission to Publish Form

    Physical Education Participation Form

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  • Thank you for continuing to participate in our Color Weeks daily colors! We are enjoying learning about colors. Ask your child about mixing colors to make purple, green and orange paint. The kids were excited watching the colors change as we mixed!

    Today Mrs. Nguyen stopped by to teach a lesson on how to care for books. We are hopeful that we will be able to start visiting the library and checking out books soon. 

    The order form for class shirts will be coming home in folders on Friday. You will want to be sure to order a shirt for your child because we will wear them often throughout the school year. Please reach out to me if purchasing this shirt is a hardship for your family. Orders are due on September 2nd. Thank you!

    Upcoming C.E.S. events:

    August 23rd- Breakfast with the Principal

    August 24th- Totally Tuesday- Wear C.E.S. Colors/Spirit Wear

    August 25th- Picture Day- these are the pictures that will be in the school yearbook

    August 26th- Watch Dog Dad Kick off 

    A glance at next week:

    Reading - identifying beginning sounds, Letter Experts for N, O, P, Q, R, S, writing names

    Math - comparing groups of objects as equal, greater than, or less than, comparing groups of objects to five, and comparing numerals 0-5

    Helpful weekend to do list:

    1. Cozy up and enjoy reading your child’s poetry notebook
    2. Wash your child’s rest mat
    3. Have your child practice rolling up and securing their rest mat until they can do it independently 3 times in a row.
    4. Have fun playing Rhyming Lotto with your child (sent home in folders today with directions)
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  • There was a sea of RED at recess today! We are looking forward to continuing our colors for the next two weeks. Please see the flyer Kindergarten Color Weeks

    Scholastic News money is due tomorrow. Please send $7.00 in an envelope labeled with your child’s name, my name, and “Scholastic News.”

    Please remember to send in your child’s Scrapbook page and Informational Letter, if not already done so. 

    We have had a week and a half of practicing our school and classroom rules. We began our ticket system today (our school wide behavior plan). If your child lost a ticket, you will see the code and how many tickets were taken. If a ticket was lost please initial in the box for that day. Small initials in the corner of the box is perfect, please do not make additional markings (smiles/frowns,etc.). As we discussed at Parent Night, your child should be able to explain the choices he/she made to have taken a ticket. Please encourage your child to follow directions and make good choices. Thank you for your support of good classroom behavior.

    Thank you to all who practiced rolling rest mats this weekend. I can tell the students who practiced and they were proud to show me how they could do it! If your child did not practice, please have them practice when mats come home this Friday. Several students need assistance rolling and securing their rest mat. 

    This month Peasant T-Shirt Shoppe is offering a one of a kind CES Tie-Dye shirt. If you would would like to purchase, please use this link: https://peasant-tshirt-shoppe.printavo.com/merch/ces-tie-dyed-tee/

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  • Kindergarten will have Color Weeks from August 16-27. We want to encourage your child to wear the specified color. Please read this flyer to know the specifics for each day. Thank you for participating! Kindergarten Color Weeks

    Tomorrow is Fun Friday. All of our students will participate in Fun Friday tomorrow because this was a practice week for Kindergarten. (Tickets will begin in Kindergarten on Monday, August 16th.) If you would like your child to purchase a snack, you can send $1.00 in a labeled envelope. Please write your child’s name and FDF on the envelope. PTA distributed the Snack Cards to the teachers today. If you pre-purchased a snack card or send an envelope with $1.00, I will give it to your child on our way to Fun Friday. 

    Rest mats will come home tomorrow. Please wash the rest mat and return it to school with your child on Monday. While the mat is at home, please have your child practice rolling it up independently.

    Poetry Notebooks will come home in the backpacks tomorrow. I hope you enjoy cozying up and reading these with your child. Leave the poems in the notebook and send the notebook back to school on Monday. 

    A glance at next week:

    Reading - rhyming words, Letter Experts for H, I, J, K, L, M

    Math - count sets of objects and write numerals 1-5, the concept of zero, ordering numbers 0-5

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    • Tuesday, August 10th

      Thank you for attending Parent Night last night! If you were unable to attend Parent Night either in person or via WebEx, click the link to see the presentation. Kindergarten Parent Night 2021 Please know this is only a small glimpse of what was discussed last night. I sent the handouts in your child’s daily folder today. Please complete the class directory slip and return tomorrow. There is a note regarding Scholastic News, we will use this to supplement instruction this year. Please keep the handwriting sheet to use when helping your child write letters with correct formation.

      I hope you found the information to be valuable. As I said it would happen, I thought of a few things I forgot to mention during Parent Night:

      Good Time Tickets - Children who exhibit behavior above and beyond the expected behavior can earn Good Time Tickets. They save these to trade in for special activities. For example, if they save 5 tickets, they get to have a flashlight and books during rest time. If they save 30 tickets, they get to eat lunch with me on the stage. (There are several other levels in between these.) The children love to receive Good Time Tickets and I love to pass them out to the children!

      Sleeping Habits - It is imperative that your child have enough sleep each night to be able to successfully make it through our school day. It is recommended that school age children get between 10-12 hours of sleep each night. That means if your child wakes up at 6:30, they need to be in bed no later than 7:30-8:00 with lights out and no TV/devices. The best way to address undesirable behavior is getting more sleep.

      Deadline for Letter Expert pictures: I wanted to clarify the deadline for emailing the Letter Expert assignment. When you receive the Letter Expert assignment paper, it says to email me the picture the day before your child presents to the class. I need to be more specific. I need the picture by 5:00 the day before your child is scheduled to present.

      Mask and Lanyards- Your child’s mask needs to be attached to a lanyard each day. Students take masks off for lunch, snack, recess, P.E. and rest time. Students without lanyards  for their masks are sitting them down on the table/floor, putting them on their wrist then dropping them, losing/leaving them. If your child’s mask is on a lanyard it makes it much simpler when taking masks off and putting them back on. Please show your child how to turn the lanyard around while they are eating so their food doesn’t fall into their masks.

      Thank you for sticking with me through a long Parent Night! I appreciate your time!

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