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Our 2021 Grads: How'd They Do?

The 2021 graduates from Madison City Schools finished strong and are destined for promising futures.
At 966 graduates (525 from James Clemens and 441 from Bob Jones) this was the largest senior class ever from Madison City Schools.

In just 23 years, Madison’s senior class grew from 333 in 1998-99 to just under 1,000 this year.

Graduates in caps and gowns standing for national anthem

Some 58 percent (560) were offered $45 million in scholarships. Approximately $20 million-worth of scholarships had been accepted by the end of the school year so far - an average of just under $38,000 each.

An impressive 371 students (more than a third of the entire senior class at both high schools) graduated with a 4.00 or higher Grade Point Average, with 29 ending above a 5.00 G.P.A.  Eighteen percent (18) scored a 30 or higher on their ACT.

students in caps and gowns seated in rows on the field

Madison City Schools produced 16 National Merit Finalists, 8 U.S. Presidential Scholar candidates (four each from BJ and JC) and both schools racked up countless awards in academics, athletics and the arts.

Surveys by each high school indicate 65 percent of the graduating seniors will embark to a four-year university and 18 percent to a two-year college. Some will enter the military (three percent) and some will go directly into the workforce (eight percent), hopefully aided by one of the outstanding career tech academies at MCS. The six percent who are undecided will no doubt find their purpose and pursue it. 

Bob Jones graduate holding up her diploma and smiling

While many of the college bound graduates will stay in-state, others are fanning out to universities across the country and globe. James Clemens reports acceptance to 79 colleges across 23 states and three countries outside the United States. Bob Jones has students enrolling in 70 colleges across 26 states.

James Clemens graduate receiving his diploma and shaking hands with superintendent Dr. Ed Nichols on stage

Board members with Bob Jones Principal Sylvia Lambert on stage with graduation crowd behind them

 James Clemens graduates filing back to their seats after receiving diploma

 James Clemens band members seated on field playing during the graduation ceremony


stadium jumbo screen showing graduates on the field

wide angle view of field with graduates all seated and stadium screen on in the background

Graduate running up to hug mom after receiving diploma


Principal Brian Clayton and Superintendent Ed Nichols leading the student processional at James clemens graduation

Bob Jones student getting diploma with flowers in foreground