4th Grade Newsletter

    February 24-28, 2020



    Continue Unit 5 Week 1 and 3

    • Genres:
      • Realistic fiction is a made-up story.  It has characters, a setting, and events that could exist in real life.  They can contain foreshadowing.
      • A biography is the true story of someone’s life written by another person.  It usually presents events in chronological order and may include text features.
    • Comprehension Skill: 
      • Problem and solution-Authors use text structure to organize information in a nonfiction text.  Problem and solution is one kind of text structure. It presents a problem and then explains the steps taken to solve the solution.
    • Vocabulary Strategy: 
      • Greek Roots can help you figure out the meanings of unfamiliar words.  
      • Similes compare two things by using like or as.  A metaphor is the comparison of two things without using like or as.



    • Students should spend 15-20 minutes reading from their chosen independent

    book. All students have their new AR goals. The last day to meet AR goals is March 6th.

    • The language quiz will be Friday, February 28th covering the bellringer questions from Week 15 and Unit 5 Week 2 words.
    • The reading test for Unit 5 Week 1 & 3 will be Friday, February 28th.



      • We will begin Topic 13: Fractions and Decimals (Lessons 13-1 through 13-6)
      • Students will practice multiplying a fraction by a whole number, expressing fractions as decimals, and expressing decimals as fractions. We will focus on tenths and hundredths. 
      • Here is a link to the Rocket Math Fluency Pacing Guide for the remainder of the year. We will still follow the pattern of two practice tests, then a graded test. Students will have 10 minutes to complete the addition or subtraction problems. Here are two sample tests for addition and subtraction.


    • Practice fact test (Week 8--subtraction) Friday, February 28th.




    • Math homework week 20 due Friday, February 28th. 



    • Students will be investigating how energy can be transferred in various ways and between objects. They will learn about potential and kinetic energy. 
    • .Students will investigate different forms of energy like heat, light, sound, and electrical energy. Students will begin discussing how energy can be transferred and transformed. We will be exploring energy transformation with different energy systems.
    • We will need paper towel rolls and shoeboxes for future lessons in our Electric Circuits unit. Please save any of these and send them in for our lessons. 



    • If you would like your child to review the newspaper or extend their learning, please do the following:  1. Go to Google 2. Search “Studies Weekly login” 3. Add their username: FIRST NAME, MIDDLE INITIAL, LAST INITIAL (all caps, no spaces or commas- if this doesn’t work, add a 1 after their name and try again, if this doesn’t work, add a 2 after their name and try again, and if this doesn’t work, email their SS teacher)  4. Add their password: FIRST NAME INITIAL, LAST NAME INITIAL, zero, and their lunch number (all caps, no spaces, no commas.)  
    • We will test on  Studies Weekly Newspaper #20, The Great Depression, on Wednesday, Feb. 26th.  
    • We will begin Studies Weekly Newspaper #21, WWII  the next day.  



    • We will continue learning about Habit 5: Seek First to Understand, then to be Understood.
    • Students will learn about public speaking and how they can develop their speaking skills.


    Important Information 


    • BOOK FAIR!! The book fair will be open until Thursday, February 27th. Our class will go to the book fair on Wednesday, February 26th at 2:00 pm. 
    • February 26th - Last Day to Order Yearbooks 
    • February 27th - CAREER DAY!  What do you want to be when you grow up?  Dress up as your favorite career for CAREER DAY!  Please follow all dress codes (i.e. no masks, weapons, or costumes not related to real-world careers.) 
    • Read Across America Reading Celebration - March 2nd - March 6th 
    • Please see flyer for detailed dress-up days. 
    • March 3rd - Spring Pictures 
    • March 6th - Mother-Son Night at Insanity Skate Center - March 6th-  Insanity will donate 10% back to our HES PTA. Link to flyer is here.
    • Field Trips:
    • Matilda the Musical - We will attend the play at James Clemens High School on April 15th.  Permission forms and fees should be turned in to your homeroom teacher by March 27th. 
    • Alabama Field Trip to Montgomery - We are excited about our May 14th visit to the Capitol, The Civil Rights Memorial, and History Museum.  Permission forms and fees should be turned in to your homeroom teacher by March 27th.