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Madison City Schools Soar In Best Schools Rankings

The Madison City Schools District is among the 50 best school systems in America, according to a national education study group.

Central Office of Madison City Schools

The latest NICHE report ranked MCS 46th out of 10,768 public school districts nationwide. Madison City ranked 2nd best in Alabama among 137 districts.
Individual MCS schools also fared well, with all landing in the top 1-2 percentile of America's best schools.

Outside photo of Madison Elementary

Madison Elementary School 

In its Alabama rankings, NICHE named Madison Elementary the best  public elementary school in Alabama and 87th overall among 50,458 nationwide.
That was followed by Columbia Elementary, 2nd in Alabama, 120th overall.
Mill Creek, 4th in Alabama, 147th overall.
Heritage, 5th in Alabama, 155th overall.
West Madison , 8th in Alabama, 312th overall.
Horizon, 11th  iin Alabama, 385th overall.
Rainbow 14th. in Alabama, 546th overall.

Discovery Middle building Liberty Middle building

Discovery Middle ranked 2nd and Liberty Middle 4th among 383 middle schools in Alabama. NICHE placed DMS and LMS 161st and 212th respectively among 23,632 middle schools nationwide.

Bob Jones High School marquee James Clemens High School building

Bob Jones placed 3rd and James Clemens 6th
among 355 high schools statewide. Nationally, BJ and JC ranked 297th and 494th respectively out of 19,314 public high schools across America.

The 2020 NICHE showing for Madison is incredible in a district with 11 schools and enrollment just under 12,000.

Schools Superintendent Robby Parker said being in the top 1 percent or less in almost every category is a reflection of a “true community effort” that everyone can be proud of.

“Certainly, the kids and the teachers and staffs in our schools are key. They are the ones where the magic happens every day. I think what this really shows is that no matter where you live in Madison, no matter what level your child is at – elementary, middle or high school – he or she will go to one of America’s best schools. That has been one of our cornerstones."

Superintendent Parker credited the Board and community for decisions - sometimes tough ones - that continually keep MCS at the forefront.
"We have to rezone sometimes which is not easy. But we do that to ensure that schools are demographically equal in order that every child can attend one of the best schools in America. We’ve accomplished that and will fight hard to continue that.”

NICHE says it bases its annual evaluations using a variety of criteria including state test scores, college readiness, graduation rates, SAT/ACT scores, teacher quality, public school district ratings and opinions from students and parents.