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MCS Schools Score Big In National Rankings




Madison City Schools scored big in the annual U.S. News and World Report "Best High Schools Schools in America" rankings for 2022.

Bob Jones and James Clemens once again were near the front of the pack, placing 6th and 7th respectively in Alabama among the nearly 400 Alabama public high schools ranked.

BJ scored 95.61 and JC a razor close 95.07 out of 100 in the study’s 6-point scale measuring college readiness, curriculum breadth, state assessment proficiency and performance, underserved student performance and graduation rate.

You will be proud to know that BJ and JC landed in the top four percentile of the 17,840 high schools ranked by the U.S. News and World Report study. Bob Jones ranked 784th nationally and JC 879th nationally. The study actually reviewed 24,000 high schools and assessed rankings to 17,840.

The statewide rankings placed BJHS at 6th and JCHS 7th in Alabama. The study last year listed JCHS 7th and BJHS 8th.
The U.S. News and World Reports analysis looked at college readiness, AP (Advanced Placement) participation and scores, math/reading proficiency, graduation rates and other indicators to rank the schools.

Middle Schools and elementary schools are ranked statewide in the 2021 U.S. News and World Report study but not nationally.
Liberty Middle placed 9th in Alabama and Discovery 13th of 415 Alabama middle schools.
All MCS elementary schools were also top performers in Alabama. Heritage led the MCS pack at 5th in Alabama, with Mill Creek a close 14th. The remainding MCS elementary schools scored in the top 7 percent and lower. Keep in mind that is among 800-plus elementary schools.

The report is the latest among a variety of studies looking at school excellence, with nearly all listing the district and individual schools among the best. See how individual MCS schools fared in a recent NICHE study.

story posted 4/28/2021

Bob Jones High School front entrance

Bob Jones High School

Front entrance to James Clemens High School in Madison, Alabama

James Clemens High School