Maverick Archery Club

  • Archery Team

     The student must assume responsibility for the following safe practices, and we, therefore, ask the student to subscribe to the following archery pledge and contract:

     Participant Pledge

     1. I promise to follow all safety rules set forth by the archery club.

    2. I promise to inspect my arrows before each shot.

    3. I will conduct myself in a fashion so as to carefully avoid causing injury to others or myself while participating in a shoot or any Archery Club activity.

    4. I will show respect for the range , other shooters in my group and any other participants in Club activities.

    5. I will read, understand and follow all rules and standards of conduct related to shooting or participation in the Club.

     Five Finger Contract

    Personal Responsibility (Good job-thumbs up)

    Respect (Number one - pointer finger)

    Integrity (No put downs - middle finger )

    Determination (Commitment - ring finger)

    Empathy (Don't forget the little guy - pinky)

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