HIV and AIDS

    Madison City Schools employs a Registered Nurse as a Nurse Health Educator.  The HIV/AIDS lessons that are done by the RN complement the teachings done by the school counselors and Science/Health teachers.  

    All HIV/AIDS lesson plans are age-appropriate with current information obtained from the CDC and the Alabama Department of Public Health.  They were developed utilizing the Alabama Course of Study: Health Education, the Madison City Schools Individual Skills Record (State and District) for Health and Science, the Alabama Abstinence Law, and the American Red Cross HIV/AIDS curriculum with input from the HIV/AIDS curriculum committee.  This committee comprises parents, teachers, clergy, nurses, and a physician.  Consents for HIV/AIDS are sent home or made available prior to the lesson.  

    In the 5th and 6th grades, the HIV/AIDS lesson plans are age-appropriate and cover very basic materials.  The 5th-grade lessons are taught with the school counselor in attendance.  Also, in the spring semester of 5th grade, a lesson on Puberty and Maturation will be given separately to boys and girls.  In 5th grade, they are introduced to HIV/AIDS.  The 6th grade is provided with more of an understanding of what HIV does to the immune system.  The 6th-grade lessons are taught in science classes each semester, with a science teacher present.  

    In 7th, 8th and 9th grades, the HIV/AIDS lessons are taught during their science class with the science teacher present.  In addition to HIV/AIDS, they will receive information on other STDs as well,  and 9th grade on parenting responsibilities.  

    The 10th grade HIV/AIDS lesson is taught during the required health classes.  In addition to HIV/AIDS, the lesson includes a review of the human reproduction system, contraception, and personal responsibility.  

    System Nurse Health Educator:
    Ashley Zimnowski, BSN, RN

Parent Letters/Consents