HIV and AIDS

    Madison City Schools employee a Registered Nurse as a Nurse Health Educator.  The HIV/AIDS lessons that are done by the RN compliment the teachings done by the school counselors and Science/Health teachers.  

    All HIV/AIDS lesson plans are age appropriate with current information obtained from the CDC and the Alabama Department of Public Health.  They were developed utilizing the Alabama Course of Study: Health Education, the Madison City Schools Individual Skills Record (State and District) for Health and Science, the Alabama Abstinence Law, and the American Red Cross HIV/AIDS curriculum with input from the HIV/AIDS curriculum committee.  This committee, comprised of parents, teachers, clergy, nurses, and a physician.  Consents for HIV/AIDS are sent home or made available prior to the lesson.  

    In the 5th and 6th grades, the HIV/AIDS lesson plans are age appropriate and cover very basic material.  The 5th grade lessons are taught with the school counselor in attendance.  Also, in the spring semester of 5th grade a lesson on Puberty and Maturation will be given separately to boys and girl.  In 5th grade, they are introduced to HIV/AIDS.  The 6th grade is provided with more of an understanding of what HIV does to the immune system.  The 6th grade lessons are taught in the science classes each semester, with a science teacher present.  

    In 7th, 8th and 9th grades, the HIV/AIDS lessons are taught during their science class with the science teacher present.  In addition to HIV/AIDS they will receive information on other STD's as well,  and 9th grade on parenting responsibilities.  

    The 10th grade HIV/AIDS lesson is taught during the required Health classes.  In addition to HIV/AIDS, the lesson includes a review of the human reproduction system, contraception, and personal responsibility.  

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