MHM Technology and Mental Health

MCS Mental Health Matters hosted a live Virtual Learning Session on March 20 called The Mental Health Informed Parent. The recorded session is now available below!

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Need help in a crisis? Call 988 for free 24/7 support.


Area Resources

What can you do if you are concerned with your child’s mental health?

  • Consult with your child’s doctor or pediatrician. Describe what concerns you and ask for recommendations. They may provide a referral for a Mental Health Professional. 

    Contact key people at your child’s school. Who should you reach out to? The School Counselor is a great resource to start if you aren’t sure. Click here for the Madison City School Counselors Contact List. 

    Teachers can also provide insight such as changes or concerns in your child’s behavior. Ask: Are they noticing similar concerns? 

    Crisis help lines are available:

    If you or your child are in immediate danger, please call 911. 

    Remember: You are not alone!  Reach out for help. 

    Have a safety concern for a student or school? Text to Protect is a confidential way for students to report concerns that may affect our students or schools via text or email. 256-604-2345 or