• Madison City Schools COVID-19 Procedures for the 2023-2024 School Year

    Positive Covid-19 Case:

    • The positive individual will stay home and be excluded from school and all school activities for a minimum of 5 days from the start of symptoms or from the date of the positive test if asymptomatic. (1st day of symptoms is day 0).
    • The positive individual may return on day 6, if they have been free of fever, vomiting, and/or diarrhea for a full 24 hrs without medication to reduce symptoms and other symptoms have improved.
    • Masking is recommended around others on days 6-10. 
    • Please contact your school nurse to report a positive Covid-19 test.
    • A COVID-19 positive test result will be excused as a "Doctor's note/Medical Excuse" only with:
           - documentation of the positive test from a healthcare provider or test center OR
           - a picture of the home test with the student's name and date clearly written on the test
    • All other COVID-19 related absences reported without documentation of positive testing will be considered a "Parent Excuse".

    Exposure to Covid-19 Case:

    • Madison City Schools will not require quarantine/exclusion following exposure to a positive case of Covid-19. However, you may receive a call from the Alabama Department of PublicHealth (ADPH)
    • Exposed individuals who become symptomatic must isolate themselves immediately and contact a health care provider for further instructions.  
    • Exposure letters will only be sent to entire classes, buses, or extracurricular activities when an outbreak as defined by ADPH of Covid-19 has been identified in a cohort (3 or more positive cases in the last 10 days)
    • Cleaning and Disinfecting across all affected areas will continue when a positive case of Covid-19 has been identified.
    • A parent or guardian may still elect to keep their child home as a result of exposure. A parent note will need to be written to cover these absences.

    Symptomatic Individuals:

    • Staff or students reporting to the school nurse with symptoms of fever 100° or greater, vomiting, or diarrhea will be excluded from school and school activities until 24 hours symptom-free without medication to reduce symptoms.
    • If new loss of taste or smell is reported, that individual will require either evaluation from a health care provider or remain home for a minimum of 5 days.

    Masks in Schools:

    • Masks will not be required on school campuses, buildings, on buses, or any school-sponsored event or activity.
    • Masks will remain optional with a limited number of masks available from the school nurse.

    The Superintendent may amend these procedures as necessary per Madison City School Board Policy 4.13

    CDC Guidelines