• It is truly hard to believe that summer is already over! However, all good things must come to an end because even better things are on the horizon. I am excited to be embarking upon a new school year. Great things are in store for our students as they engage in high-impact instruction that has rigor, real-world connectivity and fun.

     This school year our laser focus will continue to be on leadership, instruction and communication. We are very proud to be a Leader in Me school Lighthouse School.  Our Team of Teachers have done a fantastic job of preparing us to move forward as a school with our 7 habits.  Our vision is “To inspire learners and leaders for a lifetime.” The 7 habits will play a key role in helping our entire Horizon family fulfill our vision and mission. Our faculty, staff and students will:

    Be proactive and responsible by taking initiative and choosing actions that will empower academic growth.

    Begin with the end in mind by setting goals and making a difference in the classroom and community.

    Put first things first by setting priorities and following an organized plan to ensure growth and success.

    Think win-win by seeking to make decisions that are ethical, respectful and beneficial to all.

    Seek first to understand and then to be understood by listening to others’ ideas and willingly sharing viewpoints.

    Synergize by working together, problem-solving and valuing differences.

    Sharpen the saw by maintaining healthy bodies, minds and relationships.

     In addition to leadership, our focus will continue to be on academic achievement. Our high curriculum expectations will be aligned with state standards as we seek to ensure that our students master the content presented at each grade level. Our faculty has been committed to their own learning as is evidenced by their participation in professional development throughout the year. That learning is furthered through our partnerships with our sister schools and other educational experts that provide professional development and training for our district. We are proud of our commitment to educational excellence and celebrate the continued growth and progress of our students.  I am always open to fresh ideas that will help to improve our school and community and make our Horizon stronger.  I know that this school year will be one filled with great achievements.  Please join us in making this experience a remarkable one. Remember, my door is always open. Thank you in advance for your support. 

    Rodney K. Richardson, Ed.S.


    Horizon Elementary

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