Degrees and Certifications:

Mrs. Chanda Haselman

This year I will be a teacher in the Learning Academy. I did my student teaching at Madison Elementary 20 years ago and am excited to be back.

I have a bachelor’s degree from Athens State University and a master’s from Auburn University. WAR EAGLE!

I began my educational career as a Special Education Aide at Heritage Elementary and Horizon Elementary. After earning my degree in special education I moved to the Madison County system for nineteen years where I taught at Endevor Elementary, Madison County Elementary and Sparkman High School. 

My father worked for the government and I grew up overseas. I attended schools in Saudi Arabia, Austria, and England. I also lived in Germany for a few years as an adult.  I feel this time in other countries has lead me to be open to learning about and accepting the different views of others.

Every student can learn, but we learn in a variety of differerent ways. My goal as a teacher is to do everything in my power to help your child learn to the maximum extent of his or her potential. My classroom is a place where all students feel supported and  comfortable to learn, explore and make mistakes without judgement. We will learn academics, social skills, communication and functional skills and how we can apply our knowledge to real world situations to be successful wherever we may go. 

I am looking forward to a fantastic year with your child!