Madison Elementary is located in the Madison Station Historic District of the City of Madison. 

    The original structure was erected in 1936 on the previous site of Madison Training School, which was chartered on February 25, 1895 and was the second organized school in Madison.  Upon its completion the school consisted of eleven classrooms, a banquet room, an auditorium, a gymnasium, and served as a high school. 

    Madison became a junior high school in 1951 when it was decided that 10th, 11th, and 12th grades would go to Butler High School.  The school operated a junior high until the 1971-72 school year when 10th grade was added due to overcrowding at Sparkman High School.  Those students remained at Madison the following fall as Juniors and on December 7, 1972 grades nine through eleven at Madison were officially named Bob Jones High School. 

    The charter class of 1974 held their graduating ceremonies in the new building and Madison became Madison Middle School, serving grades five through eight until 1980 when grade four was added.  Madison Middle became Madison Elementary with the opening of Liberty Middle school in 1990 and served 2nd through 4th grade.  On October 13, 1997 the Madison City Council voted to form an independent school system leading to more changes for Madison Elementary. 

    During the summer of 1999 major renovations took place at Madison. classrooms, restrooms, and hallways were updated and the school took the form of what you see today.  The original gym was converted into a new library media center, the old library was converted into classrooms, and in 2002 a new gym was completed. 

    Currently Madison Elementary serves roughly 575 students in Kindergarten through 5th grade and is also home to Madison City Schools Learning Academy for elementary students. 


    Madison Elementary School

     While Madison Elementary has experienced many changes over the years one thing remains the same, it is the original Madison City School.