• Madison City Schools’ Child Nutrition At A Glance

    Madison City Schools’ top goal for our lunch program is to ensure that all students are provided with nutritionally balanced meals every day so that they can succeed. School breakfasts and lunches must meet the Dietary Guidelines for Americans and Federal nutrition standards. We encourage all students to support the lunch program by purchasing lunches made at our schools. Additionally we offer low-cost and free lunches through the Free and Reduced lunch program. To learn more about Child Nutrition at Madison City Schools and the Free and Reduced lunch program please visit the webpage below titled: Child Nutrition Program.

    Madison City Schools’ Lunch Assistance Program

    Every year our schools and students are faced with lunch debt. We will never not allow a student not to have access to lunch because we know that adequate nutrition is a priority for all kids. Many students, K-12 do not have enough money to pay for lunch in their school cafeterias so debt occurs to pay for the food. While the National School Lunch Program, which was established in the 1940s, offers free and reduced-price lunches for millions of low-income students, the mounting debt faced yearly shows that many students can't afford to pay for lunch. To help combat that mounting debt we have amazing community members that donate monetarily to our lunch assistance program. These donations help pay off student lunch debt and allow us to continue to provide the best nutritional service to all students.


    • How do I donate to the Lunch Assistance program?

    Donations can be sent via check to our Child Nutrition Bookkeeper at Central Office and the bookkeeper will add the donation to the schools that need the assistance most or donors can send a check to a specific school. Please write check to Madison City Schools' Lunch Program and mail to: 

    Madison City Schools

    ATTN: Child Nutrition Program

    211 Celtic Drive

    Madison, AL 35758


    Donations can be added to a school’s lunch assistance program of the donor’s choosing as well. There are two options for this, either follow above request and include a note requesting funds to be added to desired school or send check to school’s address and write check to “School’s Name” Lunch Program.

    • Are contributions to Madison City Schools’ Lunch Assistance Program tax deductible?

    Yes! The IRS allows you to claim a deduction for the donations you make to qualified organizations, which include public school programs that are not for profit and supported only by local and state governments.