• Personalized Learning Pathways

    When our students graduate, we want them to be future-ready, able to navigate the challenges that college, career training, workforce, or the military demand. Our secondary schools' rigorous academic programs offer invidivualized and innovative options for students to explore various fields of study. Every teacher approaches this with great responsibility to meet the students where they are and offer many levels of support to help students thrive and excel to reach their fullest potential. Honors classes begin in sixth grade with math and English/language arts offerings, but support for this challenging transition is provided through gifted classes to students as fifth graders. Pre-AP classes begin in eighth grade with history; honors and Pre-AP classes continue to be offered and AP classes begin in students' freshman year. 

    The range of AP courses offered at our high school is extensive and offers students the opportunity to earn college credit while they are still in high school. Students who take AP courses are challenged through the instruction of teachers who have received training through the College Board. These courses often expose students to experiences that spark interests that lead to career exploration and choices. 

    Madison City Schools students also have the option of of engaging in Project Lead the Way courses. PLTW courses promote STEM and engage students through applied learning experiences. These active hands-on classes are available beginning in middle school and help students identify and explore passions that often help define pathways for high school PLTW Academies that can provide internships with industry partners in high school. The high school PLTW Academies include: Arts/AV Technology/Communications, Building Construction, Computer Science, Human Services, and Medical. Whether a student is interested in exploring video game development, coding, and cybersecurity, green architecture, woodworking, health science, or hospitality and tourism, there is a PLTW course avaiable to students beginning in middle school. 

PLTW Robotics