• Grading

    According to our district's policy manual, teachers will assign grades and confer academic credit for work and activities performed by students in accordance with objective and generally accepted instructional and grading standards, applicable laws and regulations, and criteria hereinafter specified.

    Grades for academic course work will be awarded according to the following scale:

    General Grading Scale

    • A 90-100
    • B 80-89
    • C 70-79
    • D 65-69
    • F 0-64

    Weighted Grading Scale- Students electing to participate in rigorous academic courses such as Honors/Pre AP and Advanced Placement (AP) are given additional weight. The weighted Grade Point Average (GPA) will be recorded on the students’ report card, high school official transcript, and included in the students’ overall GPA calculation. Secondary credit grades for regular, Honors/Pre AP, and AP shall be awarded according to the following scale:

    Weighted Grading Scale

    grading scale with weight

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