• 1.  I am part of a blended family where siblings have a different father or mother. How do I enter this different information for each child?

    You will need a separate account for each child.

    SchoolMint links all children on a parent account. This is a time-saving feature for most people. The information you enter for one is automatically entered for all children. This does, however, create problems for blended families.

    As an example, if a person has one child in the system from a previous marriage and another child in the system from a current second marriage, whatever you type as father or mother will auto-populate to both children. This makes it impossible to list a different father or mother for each child. The same is true for listing different emergency contacts.

    To correct this, you need a separate account for each child. Presently the SchoolMint help desk is the contact to get separate accounts. We are working with SchoolMint to update the process so you can request separate accounts when needed as you register or re-enroll.


    2.  I made a mistake entering some information and SchoolMint won't let me change it. How do I make corrections?

    We need to change your account back to "in progress."

    Once a parent completes the SchoolMint registration or re-enrollment, the account moves from "in progress" to "completed." That means it has been submitted to the school where it will be "verified." Changes cannot be made to an account that is listed as "completed."  We can, however, change your account status back to "in progress" to allow you to make changes.  Please let your school know so they can do that for you.  You can also contact Latwan Lynch, district registrar, and she can change your account status.


    3.  We've never had to re-enroll before this year. Why now?

    It is a way to update needed information and verify residency. 

    Re-enrollment is a way for you to update important information that you have always been asked to provide each school year. In the past most of this was done with paper forms being sent home. Parents would hand-write the info (multiple times if they had more than one child) and then send it back. That info would then be typed in by staff.

    The online format allows parents to type the info directly. It also auto-populates fields for additional children, which lessens the amount of work for parents. Once complete, the info will be imported into iNow. This eliminates the possibility of school staff mistyping the information.

    It also allows us to verify residency.  As our schools become more and more crowded it is important that we make sure your tax dollars are being spent on students who meet our residency requirements.  It wouldn't be fair for a Madison City student to be in a portable classroom while an out-of-zone student occupies space inside a classroom. Verifying residency helps us know which students need to withdrawn and sent to their school of residence.

    4.  What documents do I need to re-enroll a student?

    Proof of residence and a current utility bill. 

    Most of the information requested for re-enrollment will be entered by typing or selecting from a drop-down menu. You will be asked for contact information, emergency contact information, a number and method for notifying you of attendance issues, health information that the school may need in an emergency, and whether or not you've moved within the district.

    You will be asked to upload proof of residence. If you own a house, you will need to upload a current tax receipt and a current utility bill. If you rent, you will need to upload a current lease and current utility bill. The utility bill can be water, gas or electric.

    If you can't find your tax receipt, you can look it up online at the Madison County or Limestone County tax assesors office. Links to those are imbedded in school mint, and are also posted on our webpage under "school zones." You can also upload the year-end form from your mortgage company which shows how much property tax you paid for the year.

    If you recently purchased your house (less than a year) you may not have a current property tax receipt. It is OK to upload your closing document that shows your name, address and date closed.


    5.  How do I upload documents in SchoolMint?

    SchoolMint allows you to take pictures of documents with your smart phone and upload them from there.


    6.  How long does it take to re-enroll a student?

    If you have the needed documents, it should take approximately 10-15 minutes.


    7.  I don't have a home property tax receipt to upload.

    You can look up your tax records online from Madison County or Limestone County, depending on your county of residence. Links to those sites are imbedded in SchoolMint. You can also find those links on our webpage under "School Zones." If you can't print a receipt it is OK to upload the screen shot showing the data.

    Another option is your year-end statement from your mortgage company that shows amount of property tax paid for the year. You probably used this to file your income taxes.

    If you recently purchased your home (less than a year), your tax information may not be current. For new purchases you can upload the closing statement that shows your name, new address, and closing date.


    8.  My child is moving up from elementary to middle, or middle to high school. Is that a new enrollment or a re-enrollment?

    It is a re-enrollment as long as they are following the established feeder pattern.


    9.  How will I know if I completed registration or re-enrollment correctly?

    SchoolMint will send you an email that says registration or re-enrollment completed. Another will be sent when the school verifies the information.