Special Education Overview

  • The mission of Madison City Schools' Special Education Services department is to provide appropriate educational experiences that foster independence and enhance the personal and intellectual growth of students with disabilities.

Nationally Board Certified Teachers

  • Serving in Special Education:

    Leigh Ann Martin, SLP-CCC, Horizon Elementary

    Lisa Snyder, Central Office

    Julia Nagle, Columbia Elementary

Years of Service

  • During Institute Day, the following Special Education staff were recognized for their years of service:


    Brenda Albritton, Special Education Coordinator (25 years)

    Dr. Catherine Hogan-Gancarz, School Psychometrist (25 years)

    Chastity Wrights, Inclusion Specialist (15 years)

    Melissa Hyde, Columbia Elementary (10 years)

    Rachel Donaldson, Mill Creek Elementary (5 years)

    Trisha Ehrhardt, Columbia Elementary (5 years)

    Michelle Hyams, Central Office (5 years)

    Mary Sauter, SLP-CCC, Rainbow Elementary (5 years)

    Matthew Sweatman, Bob Jones High (5 years)

    Melissa Thacker, Columbia Elementary (5 years)

    Katy West, Discovery Middle (5 years)


  • The Special Education Department is priviledged to have 3 members of our staff recognized as Staff Member of the Year (David Desarro, Mill Creek Elementary School) and Teachers of the Year (Catherine Bryan, West Madison Elementary; and Gina Rice, James Clemens High School). We appreciate your dedication to our students, their parents, your schools and our district!