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MCS Celebrating 25 Years

Madison City Schools celebrated its silver anniversary on Sunday with a reception for past and present leaders. Another observance is planned next Fall combining the opening of Journey Middle with the 25th anniversary of the first school-year start.
Twenty-five years ago, on Oct. 16, 1997, the Madison City Council formally approved the measure that created a Madison City Board of Education. That move set in motion the huge challenge of building a school system apart from the countywide school district that Madison and Triana had been under. The task was accomplished in time for the system to open with the 1998-1999 school year.

Four of the early leaders in creating Madison City Schools

Then-Madison City council members who voted to form an independent city school system:
Cynthia McCollum, Greg Curtis, Marc Jacobson, Sally Warden

The move to independence was spurred by a citizen movement in Madison started several years prior. Proponents - led by parents, community leaders and area leaders - demanded higher excellence for schools serving Madison than a countywide system could provide.

The citizens of Madison and Triana laid the groundwork by approving property tax increases on themselves and pushing through the complex legal, budgetary and logistical hurdles to form a school district.

The rest is history.

Madison City Schools has grown from 5,638 students and six schools in 1998 to over 12.400 students today spread across 11 campuses - 12 when the new Journey Middle School that is under construction opens in fall 2023. Its students; music, arts, athletics, theater programs; and widespread academic programs consistently outperform other districts across the region, state and nation.

At Sunday's celebration ceremony, longtime Board Attorney Woody Sanderson gave a historical overview of the movement for independence.
Also speaking were Mayor Paul Finley, Triana Mayor Mary Caudle, Superintendent Dr. Ed Nichols and current Board of Education President Tim Holtcamp.
Sen. Arthur Orr presented a legislative resolution on behalf of himself and Sen. Tom Butler, congratulating MCS for its 25th anniversary.
Several of the early leaders also shared thoughts.
Below are a few photos from Sunday's reception. Click here for WHNT-19 news story: 

 wide angle view of crowd sitting in Board room

Reception for the 25th anniversary observance of the creation of a Madison City Board of Education

tim holtcamp standing at podium

Madison City BOE President Tim Holtcamp 

woody sanderson at podium

Longtime MCS Board of Education Attorney Woody Sanderson who helped lead the breakaway to an independent school system

Sen. Arthur Orr and Superintendent Dr. Ed Nichols

State Sen. Arthur Orr presenting a commendation resolution to Superintendent Dr. Ed Nichols

Paul Finley and Triana leader at podium

Madison Mayor Paul Finley with Triana Mayor Mary Caudle 

Early leaders marc jacobsen, sally warden, Woody Sanderson and two others

Greg Curtis, Cynthia McCollum, Woody Sanderson, Sally Warden, Marc Jacobson.
Early trailblazers in the MCS move to independence

current boe members

Current MCS Board of Education members Tommy Overcash, Travis Cummings (vice president), Tim Holtcamp (president). Alice Lessmann, Scott Newberry and Supt. Dr. Ed Nichols

senator arthur orr with ranae bartlett, connie spears and richard spears

State Sen. Arthur Orr, former BOE members and now Madison City Council representatives Ranae Bartlett and Connie Spears with Mr. Richard Spears

travis cummings and sheila nash stevenson

MCS BOE VP Travis Cummings with former MCS BOE member Sheila Nash Stevenson

ALice lessmann, john allen, debbie overcash and cynthia mccolum

Cynthia McCollum, Debbie Overcash, John Allen, Alice Lessmann

Luis Ferrer and Tommy Overcash

Former BOE member Luis Ferrer and current BOE member Tommy Overcash

pta leaders

PTA leaders for Madison City Schools

David Hergenroeder and Terry Johnson

Former BOE members David Hergenroeder and Terri Johnson

Sally Warden and van leuwens

Vic Van Leeuwen and former Madison Mayor Ann van Leeuwen, former Madison Councilmember Sally Warden.
Also, Ruth Galloway, member of the original pre-MCS Madison Education Committee 

Senator Orr and Dr. Ed Nichols with resolution

Sen. Arthur Orr and Superintendent Dr. Ed Nichols

scott newberry with greg hulsey and travis cummings

Madison City BOE member Scott Newberry, former BOE member Greg Hulsey, BOE vice president Travis Cummings

crowd view at the reception honoring Madison City Schools' 25th anniversary

October 16, 2022 reception celebrating the 25th anniversary of the Madison City Board of Education

Triana mayor Mary Caudle and Madison Mayor Paul Finley

Triana Mayor Mary Caudle, left, and Madison Mayor Paul Finley

Dr. Ed Nichols with mayor paul finley and the chamber of commerce president

Supt. Dr. Ed Nichols, Madison Chamber of Commerce executive director Michelle Epling, Mayor Paul Finley

Dr. Ed Nichols speaking to crowd from podium

Superintendent Dr. Ed Nichols