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MCS Theme 2022: "Glad to Be Here"


Madison City Schools held its districtwide Institute Day for  employees - an all-hands assembly to celebrate top employees and get inspirational takeaways from speakers.

This year's theme for the school year is "Glad to Be Here."
All employees were issued shirts bearing that message to wear on the first day of school Aug. 3.

ROTC Flag Ceremony on Stage

Opening ceremony with Discovery Middle student Ariana DeThomas singing the National Anthem

The Elementary Teacher of the Year is Bonnie Howard at Madison Elementary. The Secondary Teacher of the Year is Command Sgt. Ellis Clark at Bob Jones High School. Staff Member of the Year is Shannon Pease, shop foreman at the Madison City Transportation Department. Each was awarded a $5,000 check from the district. Service awards were also given for employees reaching 5, 10, 15, 20, 25 and 30 years of service.

Bonnie Howard, MCS Elementary Teacher of the Year

Bonnie Howard, Elementary Teacher of the Year for MCS

Ellis Clark of Bob Jones High School is Secondary Teacher of the Year

Comm Sgt. Ellis Clark, BJHS, Secondary Teacher of the Year

Shannon Pease, shop foreman with Transportation, is District Staff Member of the Year

Shannon Pease, shop foreman with MCS Transportation, is District Staff Member of the Year

Superintendent Dr. Ed  "Throttle" Nichols and Assistant Superintendent Mr. Eric "Vapor" Terrell livened up the program in the opening roll call of schools by using call signs for each principal.

The monikers were fitting since the keynote speaker was a former lead solo pilot  for the elite Blue Angels flying team of the U.S. Navy.

John "Gucci" Foley wowed the audience with descriptions of the type of precision flying Blue Angels aviators had to do and the tremendous trust they each placed in one another to conduct maneuvers flawlessly.

Pilot John Foley on stage with jets in formation behind him

John "Gucci" Foley, former lead solo pilot for the Blue Angels

He likened the teamwork to the commitment it takes from all sectors of education to invest in and inspire students to do their best. His talk included video clips of fast action flying and a debriefing where pilots scrutinized their flight maneuvers - owning up to any mistakes and always striving to do better.

Foley said the Glad to Be theme sends a powerful message of gratitude, which he said is important in self esteem and confidence. He reminded teachers that they may be the one person that influences a students' life direction more than anything simply by believing in them and inspiring them to learn the subject areas they are most passionate about.

John Foley with jets on screen in background

audience in auditorium with arms outstretched

Former  Navy Blue Angels pilot John Foley had audience members stand with arms outstretched to demonstrate the approximate 18 inches separating  jets flying over 500 mph.

John Foley holding up helmet he flew with the Blue Angels

John Foley holds up helmet he used with the Blue Angels

John Foley posing with ROTC members

Foley posing with ROTC students/potential future military

BOE members and John Foley hamming it up on stage

MCS BOE members, Supt. Nichols and Mr. Terrell, and Madison Councilwoman Karen Denzine hamming it up with former Blue Angels pilot John Foley 

Pilot John Foley speaking to audience

wide angle view of stage with audience in foreground

opening ceremony on stage

Dr. Ed Nichols at podium

MCS Superintendent Dr. Ed Nichols

Eric Terrell at podium

Assistant Supt. Mr. Eric Terrell

Board President Tim Holtcamp

BOE President Tim Holtcamp

BOE Vice President Travis Cummings

BOE VP Travis Cummings

BOE Member Greg Hulsey

Board Member Greg Hulsey

Board member Alice Lessmann

Board Member Alice Lessmann

Board member Scott Newberry

Board Member Scott  Newberry

Dr. Nichols shaking hands with Foley

Dr. Nichols welcoming motivational speaker John Foley off the stage, both in "Glad to Be Here" shirts.

vendors outside the auditorium

Sponsors and school support organizations outside the auditorium greeting teachers and support employees

vendors outside auditorium