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MCS School Reentry Plan

9/7 update:

Dear MCS Family,

Tomorrow (Sept. 8), our elementary campuses will begin our district phase-in of returning students to school.
This will occur over the next three weeks, with middle schools reopening in stages beginning September 14 and high schools starting September 21.
All of our teachers, administrators and staffs have worked very hard on all the new procedures and protocols that must now be part of the school day.

On Friday, the Alabama Department of Public Health changed the Madison County Infection Level from Yellow to Red. It is my understanding from Dr. Karen Landers, Madison County Health Officer, that this change was largely due to universal testing in our retirement home community. She also expressed to me that Madison County is meeting its testing goals and have less persons seeking care for COVID- like illness, which are two of the factors in the risk indicator.  Currently our rate of reported positive tests is at 8.5 percent. In comparison, a nearby county that is considered a low risk is at 8 percent. If you review the ADPH data you will find that our rate of positive tests were at 14.5 percent  seven weeks ago.
We will continue with our current plan to return to school starting tomorrow.

I can assure you that we are monitoring the situation daily and will keep you updated on the information we receive from the ADPH.

Thank You,
Ed Nichols

9-/2 update

Parents/guardians, I know there has been a lot of information sent to you this week and here is yet another communication. We feel, however, that it is vitally important to make you aware of guidelines, procedures, and protocols in this most unusual school year. Thank you for your understanding.

This latest communication includes guidelines for our transportation services and Child Nutrition Program (CNP).
The transportation guidelines cover the daily protocols that will be followed on buses including a masking requirement for all riders, assigned seating, and disinfecting/sanitizing practices.
The CNP guidelines cover the meal service regime for both virtual students and the school-based learners who return to schools on Sept. 8.
Please note changes in the meal pickup days/locations for virtual learners and the breakfast and lunch procedures that will be followed for in-school students. I also want to highlight that all meals will be free of charge for every student - virtual and school-based - at least until the Dec. 31 or until federal funding for this program is exhausted.
Your schools will communicate with you things that are specific to your child's school.
I am grateful for each and every one of you who are a part of our Madison City Schools family.

Dr. Ed Nichols
Madison City Schools


9/01/2020 Update:
Dear Madison City Schools Family,

The following link is the Sept. 1 update to our schools reopening plan.

This update includes COVID-19 protocols like notifications, quarantine and isolation procedures, as well as cleaning and disinfecting steps. There is also more detailed information on school reopening procedures, requests to change learning platforms, the A-B rotational phase-in of students, extra-curricular activities, EL and Special Education services, and more.

On Wednesday, you should receive from your school an update on local school procedures, as well as a District communication on Transportation and Child Nutrition Program services.


Dr. Ed Nichols
Madison City Schools

8/31/2020 Update:
Dear Madison City Schools Family,

We have updated our FAQ page to address some of the main questions you have submitted to us on the school reopening plan that was shared with you on Friday, August 28. You can view it here:  
It includes the issue of how the A-B rotation will be decided (letter splits will be determined by each school), whether changing your originally declared learning platform will be allowed and other topics.
We will be sharing the full reentry update tomorrow which also addresses COVID19 protocols, quarantine and isolation procedures.


Dr. Ed Nichols
Madison CIty Schools


8/28/2020 Students in Madison City Schools will begin the return to schools in phases following Labor Day. Superintendent Dr. Ed Nichols explains the plans in this video:
(Japanese: ) 

The reentry schedule is as follows:

Elementary schools (Pre-K thru 5th grade) will start Tuesday, Sept. 8 on an A-B rotating schedule, divided by last name. The “A” group will attend Tuesday/Thursday and “B” group on Wednesday/Friday). Elementary will then go to a full 5-days-a-week schedule beginning Sept. 14 and so on.

Middle schools (grades 6-8) will begin a two-week, A-B rotating schedule on Sept. 14, with Wednesdays being an all-virtual day where no students will be in school. The “A” group will meet Mondays/Thursdays and “B” group on Tuesdays/Fridays. The all-virtual Wednesdays will also allow time for a deep cleaning of the schools. Middle Schools will go to the 5-days-a-week schedule starting Sept. 28.

High schools (9-12) will start an A-B rotation the week of Sept. 21 and continue the week of Sept. 28, with Wednesday’s remaining an all-virtual day. Meeting days will be the same as middle schools: “A” group on Mondays/Thursdays and “B” on Tuesdays/Fridays.
Following the fall break holiday of Oct. 5-9, Madison City Schools plans to have all school-based learners on the normal full week schedule. That depends, of course, on the COVID-19 status and ADPH/CDC guidance and protocols.

Schools Superintendent Dr. Ed Nichols said: “I believe that after much discussion with school districts across the state, this staggered re-entry plan will help make us sure that all protocols and procedures can be established for a successful return to school. Next week, PPE materials will be delivered to all schools beginning with our elementary locations. Guidelines and protocols will be finalized at the school level and communicated with our parents. After talking with many other districts, I am confidence that we can return our students and maintain a setting that has a low risk level. I will continue to provide more information in the days ahead.”

More detailed plans on the Madison City Schools reentry plan will be released next week. Have a question? Submit it here: