• Menus and Prices


    Breakfast: K-12 Students $1.75
    Lunch: PK-5 Students $2.75
      6-12 Students $3.00
      Faculty, Staff, Volunteers $3.75
      Visitors $4.75




    To view the purchases made on your child's account, we encourage you to register at www.paypams.com . There is no charge to register and you can view your child's purchases and balance the day after you register. If you choose to pay using the PayPams website, your payment will be posted within 1 hour (although you may not see it until the following day). For those families with more than one child enrolled in Madison City Schools, PayPams allows you to deposit all of the money to one child for a $1.95 transaction fee. You may then transfer the funds to your other children with no additional fees. Parents sending cash or checks to school may also transfer funds between their children via PayPams at no cost. You must be able to view the updated balances before you can transfer the funds.

    Click here to view the à la carte price list.