School Zone Information

  • Addresses and Property Tax Information

    Below you will find helpful resources in locating valid Madison City School's home addresses, proof of residency, and zone lines for each school.  The zone lines are presented in a visual format.  If there is any question as to which school, please use the Address Lookup link below.  If you are needing further assistance, please contact our Central Office and ask for the registrar.

    Valid Addresses

    Address Lookup - This is a listing of valid Madison City School's addresses which are located in Triana, Madison County, and Limestone County.  Each address also provides the current school for each level of attendance; Elementary (K-5), Middle (6-8), and High School (9-12). 

    ** Please note: For new or existing addresses not listed in the Address Lookup, you will need to provide proper documentation that your address is within the city limits of Madison or Triana, to the registrar, at Central Office.

    Proof of Residency

    Whether registering your child or locating a home, please use the following websites to obtain proper documentation.  This document will need to be uploaded as proof for registration in Madison City Schools.  Please include the latest tax year and Tax District when printing document.

    • Limestone County Property Tax - Please include the latest tax year and munincipality when printing document.   

          01 - County Schools
          07 - Huntsville City Schools
          09 - Madison City Schools

    • Madison County Property Tax - Please include the latest tax year and Tax District when printing document.
      • Type in the address on the Tax Collectors website, then click Submit. 
      • If the address doesn't appear in the list, try clicking the "More" button until the address appears.
      • After finding the address, click the link and print the document.
            01 - Madison County Schools
            02 - Huntsville City Schools
            05 - Madison City Schools
            08 - Madison City Schools (Triana)

    School Districts by County Tax District

     County  Tax District (Munincipality)  School System / Website / Phone #
     Madison  01 - Madison County  Madison County Schools / /(256) 852-2557
     Madison  02 - Huntsville  Huntsville City Schools / /(256) 428-6890
     Madison  05 - Madison   Madison City Schools
     Madison  08 - Triana  Madison City Schools
     Limestone  01 - County  Limestone County Schools **
     Limestone  07 - Huntsville  Huntsville City Schools / /(256) 428-6890
     Limestone  09 - Madison  Madison City Schools

    Limestone County:  (Madison, AL  35756) Please check if you are within Madison City boundaries, by using the Address Lookup (located at the top of this page), or use the tax assessors website links above to verify.

    **Call Limestone County School's Transportation Office at (256) 232-5130 for more information.


    The following maps were adopted by the Board of Education on January 24, 2019.  Students residing inside the town limits of Triana attend Columbia Elementary, Discovery Middle, and Bob Jones High Schools.

    • Elementary Zones -  Columbia, Heritage, Horizon, Madison, Mill Creek, Rainbow, and West Madison Schools.
    • Secondary Zones - Liberty & Discovery Middle School and James Clemens and Bob Jones High Schools