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Together Everyone Achieves More

  • "The Academy has taught me some real-life lessons. The Academy gives you second chances for your education. I'm glad I came to the Academy. They became my family." Rania- 2019 Graduate

    "The Academy taught me how to focus on my work instead of other things. It is much easier to focus because there are fewer people than in a regular school." Selena- 2019 Graduate

    "The Academy pushed me to my limits. It excited me from the very start. I actually felt like I had a chance. The Academy actually cared and always had my back. They wanted what was best for me. It made me see that I could do more than I gave myself credit for. I helped me with my behavior and put me in a better place for life." Preston- 2019 Graduate

    "If it were not for the Academy, I would not be where I am right now. It is life changing. The smaller environment is better because you get more attention than in regular school and more one-on-one time to instill learning in students." Xavier- Current Student

    "The Academy has helped me with my grades and my management of things like time and focus. I've made more friends. It's a good environment because we can all work together, and it's not always quiet." Michael- Current Student

    "The Academy is a good place. We learn. It benefits you by helping you get your grades up." Carionia- 2019 Graduate

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