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UAH/MCS Initiative To Lure More Business Entrepreneurs

Madison City Schools is working on an initiative with the UAH College of Business to create an Entrepreneurship program for students in its two high schools.
Business and industry partnerships would be engaged to boost student understanding of the business world.
A planning committee has been formed to work out the details and raise funds for this exciting new program that would be offered to Bob Jones and James Clemens students. The contact person for that is Suzanne Katschke: e-mail  or phone 256-325-1700

The program has many benefits for students including:
* Expanding their business knowledge and “soft” skills.
* Helping them see the world around them as a series of opportunities.
* Providing a series of business and industry site visits and one-on-one mentoring from business professional.
* And other business exposure to help them think entrepreneurially.
Front view of James Clemens High School The program is modeled after a very successful one in Illinois operated by the Midland Institute for Entrepreneurship.
The initiative is part of the strategic plan of the UAH College of Business to engage with area high schools and community colleges and be a visible sponsor of business-related activities in the community.

Bob Jones High School marquee

 The UAH College of Business, under the direction of its Dean, Dr. Jason Greene, will lead fund-raising to implement this program for Madison City high school students. A board is working to identify industry partners who will commit to a certain support level each year.

More background on this Entrepreneurship initiative can be found in this post by the UAH College of Business: