Car Line Information

    • Car Line Notes

      - Morning car line starts at 7:15, enter on Liberty Drive.

      - Afternoon car line starts at 2:20, enter on Liberty Drive.

      - Everyone will load and unload on the sidewalk side.

      - Children should be unbuckled and ready when you reach the sidewalk (book bag ready, etc)

      - Make sure to pull as close to the next car as you can to allow all cars to reach the sidewalk & fit in the parking lot.

      Have your car tag visible all the way through car line. They are checked 3 times for accuracy (in the line, at the merge point, and at the sidewalk)

      -Let your teacher know if you need replacement/additional car tags

      -If you need to stop to buckle your child, you may pull into the first row of parking spots on the left.You will rejoin the exit line after that.

      Those that do not need to stop to buckle will continue around the building to the right and exit the parking lot with the crossing guard. The left lane turns left, the right lane turns right.


      Remember to watch for the teacher directing afternoon traffic, there have been a number of adjustments made to keep our car line flowing smoothly, and off of Wall Triana

      View the video below for  more detailed information and visuals of our procedures.


    • All students are loaded and unloaded from the car by an adult. 
    • Children are only permitted to enter or exit the vehicle from the passenger side, at the sidewalk.