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MCS "Honor" Wall Grows WIth New NBCT Inductees

New stars are being added to the honor wall at the Madison City Schools Central Office.

The stars represent the 11 MCS teachers who just became National Board Certified Teachers (NBCT) and the 16 that attained their required renewal every five years.

The latest installment raises to 105 the number of NBCTs in Madison City Schools - among the highest in the state regardless of school district size.

The NBCTs who were recognized at the Feb. 8, 2024 Madison City Board of Education meeting are: Amy Harbison, Bethany Kachelman, Hanna Napier, Jennifer Chandler, Jeremiah Brand, Laura Phillips, Lauren Hillis, Leslie Tignor-Hughes, Nancy M. Hartfield, Sarah Prevallet, Shemeaka King. 

11 new National Board Certified Teachers in Madison City Schools standing with a wall of stars behind them bearing NBCT names

The newest NBCT teachers with their "stars" at the MCS Central Office  (2/08/2024)

The following MCS teachers recently completed their NBCT renewal that is required every five years:

Kelsey Cooper, Jane Herndon, Heather Kell, Megan Kerstiens, Adrienne King, Kara Lawrence, Beth Massey, Nichole Murray, Julia Nagle, Sharon Rowland, Kerri Scroggins, Sarah Stewart, Wendy Tibbs, Kate Wade, Katie Weir, Micky Worley,

Superintendent Dr. Ed Nichols congratulated the new NBCTs, saying they represent the "best of the best" in Madison City Schools. He likened the group to the top notch status of pilots in Top Gun. "You have truly soared where few people have gone," he said.

More than a decade of research from across the country demonstrates the positive impact that National Board Certified teachers have on student achievement.
Dr. Heather Donaldson, Chief Academic Officer for Madison City Schools, said studies show that students taught by Board certified teachers gain an extra 1-2 months of learning each school year, with the positive impact even greater for low-income students.

The National Board Certification process propels teachers to move through rigorous professional analysis, reflection, and intentionality with regard to their instructional practices.

11 NBCT and 16 NBCT renewal teachers in front of board meeting
Here are the 11 new NBCT teachers with NBCT teachers who recently earned renewals