• Welcome Administrators and Counselors:

    ACCESS has a vision for providing equal access to high-quality instruction and a wide range of options. ACCESS (Alabama Connecting Classrooms, Educators, and Students Statewide) is having a positive impact on students throughout Alabama. We are pleased that you have chosen to join the increasing number of high schools in Alabama that are participating in the ACCESS program—bringing a variety of Advanced Placement, core, dual enrollment, and elective courses to students in all areas of the state. Your participation will open doors of opportunity for your students and assist us in making the goals of ACCESS a reality.


    Administrator Responsibilities:

    • Ensure Students and Facilitators have access to CrossLEA grades in PowerSchool SIS. They will NOT see current averages in Schoology!
    • Submit the 23-24 Assurance Agreement AND Credit Recovery Assurance by the end of August.
    • Designate your school's ACCESS Facilitators using PowerSchool SIS.
    • Ensure your Facilitators have completed ALSDE's Annual Facilitator Training for SY 23-24. They will NOT be connected to your students until they have completed this training!
    • Send mcaccesshelp@madisoncity.k12.al.us the following information for each Facilitator at your school.
      • Name
      • ALSDE ID number
      • Email address

    Update your school’s contact information: 24-25 School Contact Update


    Counselor Responsibilities:

    • Enroll and/or drop students in ACCESS courses using PowerSchool SIS.
    • Serve as the main contact person for addressing or resolving issues among parents, facilitators, ACCESS staff, and virtual learning teachers.
    • Monitor student progress and grades along with communication from the Support Center about student concerns.
    • Communicate with Facilitators and ACCESS instructors about student concerns.
    • Provide within 1 week of enrollment in an ACCESS course a list of students who are to receive special services to the persons responsible for uploading plans in PowerSchool Special Programs. 
    • Provide information regarding ACCESS to students and parents. (Encourage parents to attend Parent Information Meeting)
    • Attend monthly training provided by the Support Center. 

    ACCESS 23-24 Calendar

    • Schools wishing to add students after the “Add date” must provide documentation on how they will support the student due to the late enrollment.

    • Schools will receive the following grades for full-credit courses from ACCESS as follows:

      • An H1 grade will be pushed on the Term 1 Grades Stored Date.

      • An H2 grade will be pushed on the Term 2 Grades Stored Date.

      • An average of H1 and H2 will be pushed on the Term 2 Grades Stored Date. 

    • Schools should see grades in PS- Historical Grades Record the day after the push date.

    • Schools will choose which grades to use in the students' historical grades and award credit and GPA points: H1 and H2 (0.5 credit each) OR the full credit average.

    • Schools should NOT alter the pushed grade. Any changes will be flagged in PowerSchool.

    Students will NOT be allowed to work in H1 of a full-credit course after the H1 grade has pushed! Teachers will NOT be asked to grade in H1 past the “Teacher Completes Grading” Date.


    Policy Updates:

    Policy Updates can always be found here: ACCESS Policy Manual

    • Student Orientation is now integrated into ALL ACCESS courses. Students must complete an Acknowledgement Quiz and submit their Student Information Sheet in each course in order to move forward and begin the course content.

    • Students will only be connected with the Facilitator chosen at time of enrollment in PowerSchool. (Do NOT drop a student if there is a mistake at time of enrollment! Email mcaccesshelp@madisoncity.k12.al.us student name, SSID number and correct facilitator.)

    • TESTS and EXAMS will be password protected. Student testing MUST be proctored by a staff member at the LEA. Teachers will share passwords with Facilitators. 

    • There are NO Exam Exemptions. ALL students will be required to take ALL Course Exams. *IEPs stating students are exempt from final exams supersedes this policy.*

    • Students will have at least two submissions on ALL assignments excluding the Unit Test. 

    • Students must have finished the full course and earned at least a 40 in order to qualify for Credit Recovery classes. Schools must provide SC with documentation before enrollment.

    • ACCESS will be dropping inactive students on the Drop dates for each term