• Once your student is enrolled in ACCESS, support is offered through a variety of stakeholders.

    School (Counselor/Principal):

    While ACCESS provides coursework and the teacher, the school is responsibile for enrollments, eligibility, awarding credit, updating transcripts, providing technical assistance and setting policies on participation in the program.


    The facilitator is trained in the learning management system by the regional ACCESS Support Center and is hired by the local school to:

    • assist your student in navigation of the program
    • monitor student progress
    • monitor testing
    • help with some technical issues
    • act as a liaison between the student, teacher, support center and the school



    ACCESS teachers may be currently teaching at a K-12 school or college or may be retired, working from home, or have other jobs.  Their schedule will determine when they are available to answer questions.  Most communication is done via Schoology messages or through the Updates in the course.  Some teachers may visit students or allow phone calls if their schedules permit.

    Each teacher hired by ACCESS is Alabama Certified in their subject area.  While course material is provided to teachers by ACCESS, they are responsible for helping students better understand the material through added instruction, clarification of directions, added resources and feedback.

    Students have the ability to message their teacher through their class with any questions regarding the coursework.  Students should be specific in their questions noting the unit, lesson and particular problem so there is not a delay in receiving answers.

    Regional Support Center:

    The regional support center is principally responsible for hiring teachers, training counselors, principals, facilitators and teachers, and providing support to each stakeholder.  Parents and students are welcome to contact us with any questions.  Please be aware that we cannot provide some information due to FERPA guidelines, but we are willing to assist in any way that we can.

    In each course, students have the ability to contact tech support at their regional support center.

    ACCESS at the Alabama State Department of Education:

    The ACCESS program is supported through the Alabama State Department of Education.  Information regarding policies, courses, students, parents, technical support, and other frequently asked questions can be found on their website.

    Student Orientation:

    ACCESS students are required to complete Student Orientation.  The orientation provides them with information regarding system and course navigation, opening and reading their lessons, assignment submission, sending messages, checking feedback and monitoring grades.  The orientation is always available to students should they need to refer back to the information.

    Additionally, there are technical resources in each course that assist students with issues such as document compatibility.