• Credit Recovery courses allow students to earn credit for previously failed courses.  ACCESS provides the following courses through credit recovery:

    English 9 - 12
    World History (9th)
    US History I (10th)
    US History II (11th)
    Physical Science
    Environmental Science
    Human Anatomy
    Algebra 1, 1A, 1B
    Geometry, A, B
    Algebraic Connections
    Algebra II, Alg II w Trig
    Algebra with Finance

    Local LEAs will determine eligibility and how grades earned in Credit Recovery courses are applied based on state and system policies.

    All ACCESS credit recovery courses are based on the same content as the regular course of the same name.  Students demonstrate mastery through pre- and post-testing, allowing them to move at a faster pace.  Students complete coursework only for those modules where mastery is not shown through pretesting.

    Credit Recovery courses are not accepted by NCAA for eligibilty purposes.