Thursday, January 25th

Thursday, January 25

Here is next week’s newsletter: January 29 - February 2. Thank you for taking the time to read the newsletter each week.

Tomorrow is our big field trip to James Clemens to see our classmates sing and dance in Finding Nemo. Please wear your GREEN kindergarten class shirt. You may want to wear a long sleeve shirt underneath. The auditorium can be chilly. We will not bring jackets with us. The buses will start loading early in the morning. Please be on time to school. We will have a much later lunch than normal. Please make sure your child eats a big breakfast. Since the exact time we will be returning is unknown, visitors will not be allowed to join us.  Thank you for your cooperation.

Please keep Tuesday’s note about Valentine’s Day in a safe location to refer to as your child works on writing their name and the names of their classmates.

If your family completes the January challenge on Wednesday, please send a note or an email on Thursday and your child will receive 2 Good Time tickets. I hope you have enjoyed spending extra family time together by playing board games and reading with your child!