Tuesday, January 23rd

  • Tuesday, January 23

    It was great being with your children at school today! It is nice to be in our routine again.

    This week in 95% Phonics we are focusing on Yy and Vv. Please click this link to read about more activities to do with your child. 95% Phonics Lesson 14

    Flag Project for Muliticultural Night - Talk to your family about your cultural background and decorate the flag to represent your heritage. These flags will be displayed in the main hallway for Multicultural Night. Please send these back to school by Monday, January 29th. This event will take place Friday, February 2nd in the Gym and Cafeteria starting at 6PM. Multicultural Night is a very special event at CES. We need your help to make it a great success. This is your opportunity to share your unique culture and heritage with all of us and help enrich our children's lives. 

    Valentines Exchange Home Project - Valentine's Day is three weeks away! The pink paper in your child's folder has all the information you need to know about our Valentine’s Day exchange. By starting early, your child can write one valentine card per day and never have hand cramps. :) I made this flyer with pictures to help answer questions that I receive each year: More Information about Valentine's Day

    100th Day of School - We missed 6 days of school due to weather, so the 100th day of school is now on Wednesday, January 31st! The students can dress up on the 100th Day of school as if they were 100 years old. Ideas for the girls: hair in a bun, glasses, dress or sweater, pearls/bead necklace, wrinkles, etc.  Ideas for the boys: suspenders, tie, cardigan sweater, glasses, wrinkles, etc. You can probably find most of these items around your house or in your dress-up box.  It will be a fun day!  (If your child dressed up as a 100-year-old today for the Great Kindness Challenge, they can wear the same costume next Wednesday.) 

    The Finding Nemo field trip is on Friday, January 26th. Your child will need to wear their green class shirt. Use this link if your family would like to purchase tickets for one of the evening shows.

    Please note that our second semester Parent Night is scheduled for Thursday, February 8th at 5:30.