Monday, November 13th

  • Monday, November 13th

    This week in our 95% Phonics Program we are learning the letters l, r, and short o. Please click this link to find more activities to do with your child: 95% Phonics Activities. Tomorrow you will find your child’s second paper pencil test on the skills taught in 95% phonics in your child’s folder. We will take unit tests throughout the school year to monitor phonological awareness skills and phonics skills. 

    Mrs. Hester made a quick video about your child’s 95 Phonics workbook that will be coming home tomorrow. Click here to watch the video. Thank you for your support!

    Today we began our sorting unit. We are learning how to 1) sort by attributes, 2) count the amount in each group, 3) sort the groups by amount. We practiced these skills using M &M’s!  The children sorted them by color, then they counted how many of each color they had. Finally, they sorted the color groups by amount. We will sort various objects the rest of this week. By the end of this unit, the children should be able to do our 3 step sort for multiple attributes of the same group of objects. 

    Thank you to all who returned Practice Sheet #7 today. Practice Sheet #8 is coming home in your child's folder today. Thank you for spending a little time each day on the Practice Sheet. 

    Progress Reports will be coming home in the Report of Learning Folders on Wednesday, November 15th.  Please read it, sign it and return it to school on Friday, November 17th. 

    Parents, please help me with the following items: 

    1) Students need to wear velcro or slip on tennis shoes to school each day. Please do not send your child in shoes that have laces, winter slip on boots, lace-up boots, or dress shoes. These are not allowed at school.

    2) Please also refrain from letting your child bring toys, jewelry, watches, purses, and Pokeman cards to school. These items are can be distracting during learning times and need to be kept at home.