Monday, October 30th

  • Monday, October 30th

    This week in our 95% Phonics Program we are learning the letters Hh and Bb. Please click this link to find more activities to do with your child: 95% Phonics Activities. You will also notice your child’s first paper pencil test on the skills taught in 95% phonics in your child’s folder. We will take unit tests throughout the school year to monitor phonological awareness skills and phonics skills.

    Thank you for turning in Practice Sheet #5 today. Practice Sheet #6 is in your child's Daily folder.  Please review the video from last week if you need help with the phoneme segmentation section. If you didn’t send in your child’s Practice Sheet today, please send it tomorrow in their blue Daily Folder. 

    We will resume checking out books from the library tomorrow now that the book fair is over. 

    Request: When looking through your child's Halloween candy, please send 1- 2 packages of the FunSize plain M&Ms in your child's folder for us to use later in November for a math lesson. Thank you!! 

    Thank you to everyone who has completed the Impact Aid survey. If you have not completed this very important form please do so immediately. The link to the form was on last week’s post. 

    The weather has gotten colder. We will go outside at 1:35 each day if the “feels like” temperature is 32 or above. That means you must send your child to school in weather appropriate clothing. As a reminder, please practice putting on and taking off jackets along with zipping the zippers. It takes time for me to zip 16 zippers or pull out the sleeves so that your child can put their coat/jacket on before playing outside. Please write your child’s name on the inside of their jacket. As a reminder, we wear velcro or slip on tennis shoes every day. No rain boots or fuzzy boots at school. 

    Friendly reminders:

    Please empty your child’s Daily Folder every day.

    Please send your child to school with a snack and a bottle of water. 

    Please make sure your child has a change of clothes in their backpack that is appropriate for the season.