Sunday, October 8th

  • Sunday, October 8th 

    I hope you had a relaxing Fall Break with your family! 

    Here is this week's newsletter: October 9-13 Please take a moment to read the newsletter each week. I didn't receive a note from any family about completing the September Challenge. The September Challenge is my favorite because it is so important for children. If your family did the September Challenge and forgot to send a note on Friday, you can still send it tomorrow. If your family didn't give it a try, I encourage you to do so in October. 

    Wednesday is a half day of school. We dismiss at 11:30. I need each family to complete this form so I know about lunch and your child's transportation: Half Day Form. Please complete the form by Monday. Thank you!

    Please return your child's rest mat, poetry notebook, and Practice #2 in your child's blue folder tomorrow. Thank you!