Tuesday, September 5th

  • Tuesday, September 5th

    I hope everyone enjoyed the long weekend! 

    We will finish learning our letters with our Letter Experts this week along with continuing sorting words/pictures based on the beginning sound.  You have probably also noticed our math worksheets where students are learning to write the numerals correctly on the lines.  If you see where I have written the number correctly next to  your child’s please help them with this one on one at home.  

    Please remember to send a snack daily with your child. I keep a few extra, however those are for students experiencing food insecurity.  We eat a very early lunch at 10:20 so by snack time students are usually hungry again. 

    Please also remember to return your child’s library book to their backpack after reading it each night. Students must return their book to receive a new one, and everyone enjoys getting to go to the library for a new book!