Thursday, August 29th

  • Thursday, August 31st

    Here is next week’s newsletter: September 4-8. Please take a few minutes to read the newsletter each week. I appreciate you doing your part to keep yourself informed about classroom learning.

    Yearbook order forms came home today, in your child's daily folder. The cost is $35. If you would like to order a yearbook, the form and payment are due by December 15th.

    No Hassle Fundraiser -  The No Hassle Fundraiser is happening from September 8th through September 22nd. An information page was sent home in your child's folder today. Please consider giving a donation to our school. Send money in the envelope that PTA provided. Or, you can give online by clicking this link: Member Hub.

    When your child comes to school each day, please make sure your child:

    1. Has a water bottle filled with water and ice

    2. Has the blue Daily Folder inside his/her backpack

    3. Has their library book

    4. Is wearing velcro or slip-on shoes

    Thank you!!!

    Weekend To Do List:

    1. Practice your lunch number! This is used to check out new library books.

    2. Remove papers from the daily folder. 

    3. Let your child practice rolling up their rest mat.

    4. Send rest mats back on Tuesday.

    5. Enjoy the LONG weekend!