Monday, August 21st

  • Monday, August 21st 

    Throughout the past few weeks we have focused on getting to know each other and learning our rules and procedures.  We go over our rules each day to help us continue to learn procedures and expectations.  We have made numerous posters that will serve as reminders for our expectations and goals.  Having structure and organization in a classroom is essential for a positive, productive learning environment. We have also discussed the importance of doing our best with all our work.  You can help your child by encouraging him/her to follow our classroom rules and by giving simple directions to follow independently at home.

    Last week, our kindergarten students had a library orientation lesson. They learned their way around the library and how to find books. Today, we returned to the library and had a lesson on how to take care of library books. Your child’s first school library book came home today! Please read their book tonight and return it tomorrow! 

    Important: I’m looking forward to meeting with all of you on Thursday at 5:30 in Columbia’s Media Center. Here you will hear from all of the kindergarten teachers for about an hour on Kindergarten academics and how we report progress. Then, we will go to our classroom for about another 30 minutes to hear topics specific to our classroom. It is important that each child have one parent present for the meeting, preferably the parent who works with the child on school work and will be communicating with me.

    Class Shirts: Remember to order our class shirt using this link: Class Shirts Our class is ordering the GREEN shirt.

    Lunchroom Food:  The lunch menu is available on Columbia’s website so you can talk to your child about what is being served daily. If you know the food options are something your child does not like, please consider sending a lunchbox.