Friday, August 4th

We've had a wonderful first day with the girls on Thursday and the boys on Friday! We had busy days learning our classroom rules, taking a tour of the school, and getting to know our classmates. I look forward to having all of my students here on Monday.

Our Kindergarten Parent Night is on Thursday, August 24th at 5:30. It is important that each child have one parent present for the meeting, preferably the parent who works with the child on school work and will be communicating with me. The meeting is for adults only because it typically lasts 1.5 hours. Thank you!

Earlier this afternoon, I sent an email with the information you need to help your child make an All About Me slide. This will be due on August 15th. 

Thank you for taking the time to write a letter to help me get to know your child. I am enjoying reading each of them. You can feel free to send your letter by email or in your child's daily folder.

If your child is bringing a lunch box from home, the packed lunch needs to have a drink included. The snack water bottles are not brought to the lunchroom. If you want to send a water bottle for lunch and there is not room inside the lunchbox, your child needs to know that it is for lunch so he/she can put it on the lunchbox shelf. 

Friendly Reminders ~

Your child should have a reusable water bottle containing water and one snack for our afternoon snack time. If you want your child to have a choice, please let them make that choice at home before packing it in the backpack.

Your child needs to wear tennis shoes without laces. This means they need to have velcro or slip on.

Please check your child's blue Daily Folder each afternoon and send it to school every day.

If your child is missing any of the school supplies, please send them to school as you get them. Be sure to tell your child to take it out of his/her backpack and give it to me.