What is the basic process?

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Students will need to first apply to the college online.  After applying, additional paperwork may be obtained in the guidance office.  This paperwork will be returned to your child's guidance counselor, and he or she will complete the process for your child.  We can obtain copies of each student's transcript to submit along with their ACT score if it is on file with us.  They only need to return the signed forms and bring a form of a current picture ID--license, passport, etc.  If you child has not taken the ACT or if it is not on file with us, you will need to bring a copy of that as well.  If they have not taken the ACT, Calhoun does allow for students to take a placement test in leiu of this score.  Your child's guidance counselor and our college dual enrollment counselors will be able to further direct interested students on which class may be a best fit.