Monday February 12th

  • Monday, February 12th

    I missed the students today while I was gone. Luckily, I was not chosen to serve on a jury so I will be back in the classroom tomorrow!

    This week in 95% Phonics we are reviewing short vowels. Please click this link to read about more activities to do with your child: 95% Phonics Activities As we decided at Parent Night, we are also learning what to do when they hear /k/ at the end of a word. When we hear /k/ immediately after a short vowel sound, we spell it -ck. Examples of these words include: duck, rock, kick, neck, sock, lick. This is a skill the students need to show that they understand while they are reading and even in their writing. Thanks for supporting this learning at home! 

    Thank you for returning your child’s Green Practice Folder today. Remember, this folder should be returned every Monday to be updated. If you forgot it today, please send it tomorrow! My helpers from James Clemens and Bob Jones should have taken care of that for me in my absence today. If you are missing something please let me know. 

    Progress Reports will be coming home this Wednesday, February 14th in the Report of Learning Folders.  Please read over it, sign it and return it to school by Friday, February 16th.

    We will have our annual Family Reading Night on Thursday, February 29th from 6:30-7:30. If you would like your child to have a shirt for this event, here is the link to order: Shirts


    • Please send your child’s completed Valentines to school tomorrow morning. We will do our exchange on Wednesday. We are looking forward to a fun day in the classroom!
    • Wednesday, February 14th is a half-day. School will dismiss at 11:30. Extended Day will be closed. The link to the Half Day Google Form was in Friday's post. I need 3 more families to complete the form. Here is the link again: Half Day Google Form

    • On Monday, February 19th, school will be closed in honor of President's Day. 

    Expectations for Daily Practice at Home:

    Spend 10 minutes each day on the Practice Folder activities. These activities include Practice #15,the reading sheet, sight word flashcards, addition flashcards, and subtraction flashcards. If you haven't taken time to watch the subtraction video yet, please do so soon. It will help you work with your child on the subtraction facts. Here is the link again: subtraction video.  A great way to help your child read smoothly, accurately, and with expression is to give them your undivided attention and listen to them read the passages in the Green Practice Folder. The more your child practices his/her reading skills, the better reader he/she will become.