Friday February 9th

  • Friday, February 9th

    Thank you for attending 2nd Semester Parent Night! I appreciate you taking the time to come learn about our Kindergarten power standards. If you missed the meeting, please take time to read through the slides. Click this link: 2nd Semester Parent Night

    Mrs. Hester made this video to share tips for understanding the 21 subtraction facts. You can use this video two ways. You can watch the video and use the information while helping your child with subtraction facts, or you can have your child watch the video. Subtraction Video

    Here is next week’s newsletter: February 12-16. Thank you for taking the time to read the newsletter each week.

    Next Wednesday is a half day for students. Please click this link: February 14th Google Form to fill out your child's transportation and lunch preference. Please complete it by Monday, February 12th. Thank you!

    If your child's grandparent wants to become more involved at Columbia, please attend the interest meeting that will be held on February 23rd at 8:30 AM. Here is a flyer with more information.

    Please remember to return the green Practice Folders on Monday. Please send the completed Practice Sheet to me in the green folder. Thank you!

    I will be out of the building on Monday. I got lucky and got a jury summons. Fingers crossed I am not chosen to sit on a jury. My intern from JC will be switching out the practice sheets in the green folder for me. If you have a transportation change, you MUST email so that the sub and other K teachers know about the change.

    Please send your child's Valentines to school on Tuesday, February 13th. Thank you!