Thursday December 7th

Thursday, December 7th

Click this link to read next week’s newsletter: December 11-15. Thank you for taking a moment to read the newsletter each week and stay informed. 

High Frequency Words - This note provides a list of the high frequency words that are taught during 1st semester: High Frequency Word Note Please review the words at home to help your child read them automatically. Thank you for your support. We will start assessing the students on these words on Tuesday. 

Our class holiday party will be on Monday, December 18th from 8:15-9:15 a.m. Mrs. Williams is coordinating the snack and craft for our party.

Monday, December 18th and Tuesday, December 19th are half-days. Elementary students are dismissed at 11:30. I need each family to complete this form, so I know about lunch and your child's transportation. Please complete the form by Friday, December 15th. Thank you! Here is the link: Half Day of School Google Form

Tomorrow your child can dress up like an elf, reindeer, snowman, etc. Please remember the school dress code on dress-up days. This means no one-pieces or boots. Your child must wear tennis shoes. Thank you! 

Tomorrow is the last day to send in money for our custodians, CNP staff, and our plant manager. If you would like to be part of this school-wide gift, please send any donations in the form of cash only in a sealed envelope labeled: CES Holiday Donations. Please send it in no later than Dec 8th.

We are about out of foam hand soap. If you're at the store and would like to pick one up for the classroom, I'd appreciate it. Thank you!