Monday September 19th

Tomorrow is Picture Day! The pictures taken tomorrow will be used in the yearbook. 

Our first Practice Sheet is coming home in folders today. As you read in the newsletter, please don't do it all at once - a little each day will benefit your child. This is a picture of what to look for in the folder: Practice Sheet Picture 

Today, we began our first week of our Wonders Reading Series. We are focusing on the letter Mm this week. Our first phonics worksheet is coming home in folders today. Review the sheet with your child. If you see a lowercase m written in pen next to your child's m in pencil, I did this to show your child the correct way to write a lowercase m. When you see this on the paper, it is always a good idea to give your child more time to practice. 

The students were so excited about our first day of Literacy Stations. Considering it was the first day, it went pretty well.