Thursday September 8

  • Here is next week’s newsletter:  September 12-16. Please take a few minutes to read the newsletter each week. I appreciate you doing your part to keep yourself informed about classroom learning.

    As you know the last several weeks, we have been going over the letters of the alphabet with our letter experts. During this time we talk about what the letter looks like, the sound it makes, how to write it on the lines with correct letter formation, and how to recognize its sound at the beginning of words. If your child still does not know all of their letters automatically, a great way you can help them is by using flashcards with the letters not in alphabetical order.  Another great tool to use with your child is the website starfall.  Here is the link to the website with the letter blocks that helps your child with the sound the letters make. 

    As you will read in our newsletter, another way that you can help your child is by learning to open items that are sent in the lunchbox independently.  We have a very short time in the lunchroom, our schedule for lunch is from 10:20-10:50. While this may seem to be enough time by the time we go through the lunch line, get settled at the table, then open containers, about 10 minutes has passed. Then we lose another 5 minutes for cleaning up. If your child still struggles with opening the container then consider changing what you send the lunch item in or open the container enough that your child can finish the process successfully. I appreciate your help with this! 

    Earlier this week our school district nurse came to Columbia and did a handwashing lesson. The students learned the importance of washing their hands and about how germs make us sick.  The nurse also showed students the best way to cover a cough or sneeze using their elbows. A letter was sent home in their folder that explains what was taught as well as when to stay home if your child is sick. 

    We will continue learning our letters with our Letter Experts this week along with continuing sorting words/pictures based on the beginning sound. We are also working on writing our names with correct formation and orientation to the line. You have probably also noticed our math worksheets where students are learning to write the numerals correctly on the lines.  If you see where I have written the number correctly next to your child’s, please help them with this one on one at home.  

    A local church provides snacks for students whose families need assistance. Please reach out to me if your family needs help providing snacks for your child and I will make sure they receive one at snack time. If this does not describe your family's situation, please remember to send a snack daily in your child's backpack. We eat a very early lunch at 10:20 so by snack time, students are usually hungry again.