Friday August 12th

Our first full week of Kindergarten was great!

We will have Color week for the next two weeks in Kindergarten!!  We want to encourage your child to wear the specified color. Click on the link to read the note with all of the details: Kindergarten Color Weeks Thank you for participating!

It is time to order our Kindergarten Class Shirt!! Our class will have cherry red shirts. The cost is $7.00. We will wear the shirts on field trips, field day, end of the year party day, and other days throughout the school year. Please consider purchasing a class shirt. Here is the link:  Class Shirt Orders  Let me know if you have any questions.

Rest mats are coming home today. After washing the rest mat, let your child practice rolling it up independently. Please return the rest mat on Monday.

Poetry notebooks are in backpacks today. I hope you enjoy cozying up and reading these with your child. Leave the poems in the notebook and send the notebook back to school on Monday.

Thank you for attending Parent Night!! I appreciate you giving your time to get on the same page with me for this school year. If you missed it, I sent the handouts home in your child’s folder today and here are the slides from the presentation. This in no way encompasses everything I shared in the meeting, but it provides you with the main topics: Kindergarten Parent Night Here are two things I forgot to share last night...

Deadline for Letter Expert pictures: I wanted to clarify the deadline for emailing the Letter Expert assignment. When you receive the Letter Expert assignment paper, it says to email me the picture the day before your child presents to the class. I need to be more specific. I need the picture by 5:00 the day before your child is scheduled to present. 

Fine Motor Skills - Please give your child opportunities to write/draw with pencil, color with crayons, and cut with kid scissors. These activities, along with playing with playdough, lacing beads, picking up small objects will help build the muscles in their fingers which leads to improved handwriting. 

I caught another error in the class schedule that was shared last night. I will be sending an updated and corrected version home soon. I apologize for those errors. 

You are invited to Coffee with the Counselor. Click here for the details.

Finally, if you haven’t done any of the following, please go ahead and do so: 

  1. Send $8.00 for the Scholastic News

  2. Write a note to me about your child (directions were sent home at Open House).

  3. Finish All About... slide of your child
  4. Sign up for text messages: Text @4h48ak to 81010

  5. Put a complete change of clothes in your child’s backpack.