Friday October 15

Here is next week’s newsletter: October 18-22. Please take a few minutes to read the newsletter each week. Please be sure to check out the Important Information box on the bottom of the newsletter, it contains information about our field trip for Monday. We are looking forward to a wonderful trip to the farm!

Report Cards: Report of Learning Folders are coming home today with your child’s 1st Nine weeks Report Card and Beginning of the year DIBELS and iReady reports. As discussed at Parent Night our grading scale is 4, 3, 2, 1. Your child will not receive a 4 until 1) The standard has been taught to the full depth of the Kindergarten expectations and 2) Your child has shown consistent mastery of the standard. At this time of the year, 2s and 3s are extremely common.

I need a parent signature on your child's Report Card. There is not a signature line, so please sign on the front page in the box with your child's name.

Another thing we discussed at Parent Night was that kindergarten teachers system wide have a rubric to follow when assigning a 4, 3, 2 or 1 for a standard. The rubric for sight words changes each nine weeks based on how many sight words have been taught during class instruction up to that point. The expectation for a 3 for the first nine weeks was very attainable since our sight word instruction had just begun. The first nine weeks sight word breakdown is as follows: 

1 = 0-2 words 

2 = 3-5 words 

3 = 6-49 words 

4 = All 50 words accurately and automatically

Class shirt update: We received the class shirts this week. If you ordered a parent shirt, I am sending it home today in your child’s backpack. Student shirts will remain at school until Monday morning and I will have your child put the class shirt over the long sleeve shirt they wear to school. 

Unfortunately, the shirt company made a mistake with the kindergarten shirts. They printed the wrong year on the shirt. The company will be reprinting all shirts to correct the mistake. However, the reprinted shirts will not be ready until after the field trip. We will wear the shirts with the incorrect year on the trip but will have new ones coming soon.  As soon as I receive the corrected shirts, I will send them home. Thank you for your understanding. 

Additional field trip information:

1. Students will be required to wear their mask while on the bus to the farm and on the bus returning from the farm. I need you to send your child to school in a cloth mask and attached to a lanyard. The paper masks often break while we are outside during recess. 

2. Students are not allowed to check in late at the field trip nor are they allowed to check out from the field trip. All students must ride to the farm with their class and return on the bus with their class. Please make sure to arrive at school on time Monday morning. Our buses will load and leave campus by 8:00. 

3. If you signed up to attend the field trip, you are on the approved chaperone list. You will need to come to Columbia to sign in and receive a visitor badge to wear on the field trip. You will not be allowed to be on the field trip with us without the visitor badge. You will need to get your visitor badge between 7:45-8:00 from the front office. If you arrive before 7:45, you will need to wait outside. If there is a long line in the office, please wait for people to exit before entering. Remember, anyone entering the school building is required to wear a mask.  

Practice Sheet: I hope you have enjoyed listening to your child read the words from the Word List portion of the Practice Sheet this week. The kids are really excited when we are reading these words in class! Taking a few minutes each night to allow your child to practice reading will greatly benefit your child. We become better readers by reading! :) Please remember to send Practice Sheet #4 in your child's folder on Monday.

Please see the flyer for Taco Mama Spirit Night Monday, October 18th: Taco Mama Spirit Night Columbia will receive 10% of your purchase subtotal!