August 16, 2019

August 16, 2019

Here is the newsletter for this week: August 19-23 Thank you for taking time to read it closely. A copy will be coming home in your child's folder on Monday. 

Students came home with a note with their computer login and password and a copy of a keyboard to practice in their Daily Folder. You may notice the pattern for the username is your child’s first name, middle initial and last initial. The password is your child’s first initial, last initial, then the number 0 followed by their lunch number. I just wanted to let you know the 0 in the password is the number not letter O. We will visit the computer lab every Tuesday and Thursday. Please allow your child to practice typing their username and password several times a day until they can do it independently. Thank you for your support at home!

Lunch Numbers- Please continue to have your child practice his/her lunch number until they know it without looking at it. We are down to only a few students needing to take their lunch tags. I hope for next week to be the last week for any student to need to take lunch tag, this includes if your child wishes to purchase ice cream. Everyone needs to know their lunch number. It is used to check out library books and computer log-in. 

Shoes- if your child is wearing shoes that tie, please double knot the shoelaces and discuss with your child the importance of not pulling and playing with them during the school day. As I mentioned at Parent Night, velcro is a wonderful option for those who are still learning to tie laces. You wouldn't believe how much time I spend tying shoelaces during the school day. ;)

Poetry Notebooks- Your child's Poetry Notebook came home today. Please have a fun time reading these with your child. I model how to draw the key details of each poem. Some students are picking up on this quickly and others are having a difficult time. Feel free to give your child tips on how to draw people and animals. I'm sure they will enjoy drawing time with you. ;)

Student work- this week you noticed math sheets coming home in your child's daily folder. The math sheets are sheets that we do in class as a whole. We only do the inside of the sheet. I check their work and put a star on the outisde of the paper. These sheets are to be removed from the folder daily. You can do with them what you wish. They will not need to be returned back to school. 

Please check folders each night and remove the papers from the folder. Thank you!